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October 2015 saw the formal announcement of the partnership between f-stop and Red Bull photography and the launch of the Red Bull photography Ajna.

As a result we had an amazing opportunity to do something a little different, something with one of our amazing Staff Pro team, something that reflected our core values exploration, adventure and a pioneering spirit, add a good slug of Red Bull and their heritage as a huge supporter of pushing the limits of the human spirit, you get a crazy idea of doing something that is pretty unique.

This blog like the shoot itself is a little out of the ordinary for us, but we thought it was best to hear it straight from the team; Global Icon Craig Kolesky, our Creative Director, Anton Nelson and Community Manager, Iain Weir

Nugent Dog Sledding Kit

In the second of our new series of interviews about various shoots, trips and expeditions that our team and involved in we are talking to Global Icon, Lars Schneider and our self-titled, Web Overlord, Jason Nugent about an upcoming photographic dog sledding trip to Norway with VerticalShot Expeditions.

nterview feature on Tsutomu Endo's photobook

INNER FOCUS is the first photobook from Japanese Staff Pro snowboard photographer Tsutomu Endo covering the last 18 years of his career. The timing of his photobook comes as snowboarding is maturing to appreciate its own history and culture, and Endo himself is moving from purely action photography into more artistic directions. f-stop caught up with him for the inside line on this labor of love:

Freezing temps, skin piercing snow, and wind gust so strong, loose items are constantly tugging for flight... sounds like a perfect testbed for the latest f-stop pack.

Behind The Cover : Blake Jorgenson

Last year was a struggle in Whistler with warm temps and lots of rain. With rumors of a massive storm in Italy, myself and the Superproof crew headed to Courmayer Italy. After realizing that any remnants of a storm was long gone, we settled into a week of spring skiing and great food hoping for a miracle.