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Hello f-stop Customer,

Before I get into it, let me apologize for the length of the following 2000plus word letter to you. If you do not wish to read all of the details (understandable) you can just scroll down to ‘Current Status’.

Leo Hoorn approaches the Matier Glacier in British Columbia.

Last year adventures in product development took me back to a place I spent 15 years living, growing and learning. That place is the Sea to Sky corridor, which wanders from Vancouver, British Columbia northward 220km’s to Lillooet Lake— at least my version of it does.

World Press Photo is not something that really fits in to the Outdoor and Adventure Sports Photography arena usually but many photographers across multiple genre’s follow the World Press Photo Awards with interest and evaluate who wins what and whether there will be any controversy.
I know several of our Staff Pro’s entered this year’s competition but, in a twist, one of our Staff Pro’s was actually a juror for this year’s competition.

We have been challenging each other for a few years now. Some of the challenges are quirky and fun, others force us to do something different and think outside the box.”

We wanted to understand a little more about actually got Christian excited about photography so we thought what a great time to find out.