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Life in Focus: Brian Matiash

In Episode Two of the Life in Focus Mini Series, we join Brian Matiash while he cruises Portland to grab some shots of the city and tells us his story. The narrative covers a cross country journey, the ups and downs of business, and how life provides motivation and inspiration. Brian talks and gets techie about his point of view, what he looks for and the reasons why he digs HDR photography. His journey and his voice gives us the power to chase our dreams.

Brian Matiash - Urban shooter, photo mathematician & HDR master.

Special thanks to Brian Matiash and the Google+ Photo Community
Video filmed and edited by Cameron Sylvester
Motion Graphics by Chad Jones
Music: I Want You by ODESZA
Location: Portland, Oregon

Life in Focus takes us behind the scenes with our Staff Pro Team to capture them in their element, and to show the world their story of how they became the pro's they are. The series will present a different f-stop Staff Pro in each episode exploring their world along with the techniques and skills that distinguish them from the rest.
Our collaborative effort with the team is an essential cog in the f-stop product development process. Working with industry leading professionals to design and build the ultimate camera packs and bags is an ongoing endeavor that has helped us to become the brand and company that we are today.

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