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For the active shooter desiring simple and light, f-stop has engineered an ultra-lightweight carry solution for their needs, the Loka UL. The pound-pinching pack retains a rip-stop nylon 37L shell, full-size suspension, and internal frame in a streamlined package tipping the scale at a mere 1kg. Rear and top access makes the UL a versatile form-fitting bag ideal for adventures where all is needed are the bare essentials and a camera.

The new Nikon D4s video titled "Dedicated" from Corey Rich features the stories of three professional photographers, including f-stop Pro George Karbus with his Malibu Blue Tilopa BC. Click on the image to watch the video now.

f-stop Pro Lucas Gilman is featured on G-Technology's website this morning with some of his photos, a video of his work, and a really sweet article. Click on the image to watch the video and to find out more.

f-stop Staff Pro Chris Burkard recently posted a video listing all of the gear he considers "Travel Essentials." f-stop packs made the list a few times. Click on the image to watch the video now!

"Wide Boyz" is a film released by f-stop Staff Pro Team Hot Aches a few years ago, and was such a success that they've been working on a sequal. Click on the image to watch the new trailer for "Wide Boyz II."