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George Karbus

Let's Talk about Colors for a Moment.

f-stop Product Developer, Ian Millar, discusses the process of selecting new colors for the new Mountain Series lineup.

Although it might sound like I am addressing a few concerned folks on our Facebook page (and I am), I really just want to share how we actually settle on the colors we choose.

At f-stop, we are fortunate to have many of the world’s best photographers send us updates on the exciting work that they are doing in the far-flung corners of the globe. Sometimes, even among adventure photography’s elite, a project still stands out, as was the case with Martin Edstrom’s recent expedition to photo-map Vietnam’s newly discovered, Son Doong Cave.


Shoot The Light has opened up reservation for an upcoming Nanuk Polar Bear workshop (limited to 4 participants) from Oct. 31st- Nov. 7th, 2014.