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Samo Vidic

Samo Vidic
Samo Vidic
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Samo Vidic

Genre: Sports Photography
Hometown: Bled, Slovenia

About Samo

Born and raised in Bled, Slovenia, sports photographer Samo Vidic started as an amateur photographer at the age of 17. Fascinated by what could be done with different cameras, lenses and film, he was gaining knowledge really fast and soon realized that this could be his dream job someday. At the age of 23 he started working as a professional photographer.

Since 2005 he shoots for Red Bull, traveling the world and taking photos of the world's best athletes. He is team member of Limex images, Getty images contributor, covering different sport events for them. He also works with some leading sport companies and takes photos for their advertising campaigns. His photos have appeared in world’s most prestigious magazines, such as Outside, L’Equipe, ESPN… Besides being F-Stop Global Icon Samo also is a Canon Explorer.

In 2014 he was the winner of the wings category at the Red Bull Illume Image Quest, he is multiple winner of the Slovenian press photo.

Check Samo's recent project with Red Bull Photography -


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