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  • Jesper Gronnemark Playing with Fire

    Jesper Gronnemark Playing with Fire

    Take a look behind the scenes with Ambassador Jesper Gronnemark as he combined fire and bikes for his latest photoshoot. We caught up with him to hear about his progression through the elements in his personal projects, from water to air and now fire. Read More...



    f-stop Global Icon Tsutomu Endo traded up the mountains of his native Japan for snowboarding in the wilds of Alaska last spring. He took the FUJIFILM X-Pro2 to capture both the snowboard action and document the tight-knit community dedicated to this lifestyle. Read more...



    Tokyo is a super-city of over 13 million people, but beyond the images of commuters crammed onto trains and crowds teeming below neon lights, it is made up many local neighborhoods. This makes it ideal for street shooting.  Read the full article now!




The japanese odyssey with carlos fernandez laser

Globetrotting Hamburg photographer, BMX rider and f-stop staff pro Carlos Fernández Laser is used to life on the road – but nothing prepared him for the highs and lows of epic 2400km bike race The Japanese Odyssey...


Behind The Scenes with broncolor and alessandro belluscio

Alessandro Belluscio is an action sports photographer based in Engadin, Switzerland. He has traveled far and wide across the world over the past decade. Often found near huge jumps shooting freeski athletes in snowparks, or on mountainsides around the world, this project was a bit different for Alessandro. His goal here was to shoot the a new capsule collection of ski wear in an usual way, using a night skiing setting as his studio. Delivering the essential shots no matter the conditions or brief is the mark of a true professional, and here Alessandro talks us through the steps of getting these shots. We'll hand you over to Allessandro from here on:


Behind the scenes with jesper gronnemark

We recently got the chance to catch up with Staff Pro and more importantly, long-term friend of f-stop, Jesper Gronnemark. Jesper trained in photography at the Media College Denmark in Viborg and specializes in shooting sports for advertising. He loves the storytelling aspect of photography, and for more than 10 years he has been traveling the world, shooting exciting events and sports with big brands for advertising and editorial customers. Alongside all this, Jeper somehow finds the time for personal projects. He uses these personal shoots to push the limits of his photographic imagination, and in the last few months these projects went viral....




FIT GUIDE: Choosing the right ICU and pack for you

Engineered to be an entire transport system for serious photographers, f-stop packs are designed around a modular system of Internal Camera Units (ICUs) offering an endless variety of compatible carrying solutions – but sometimes so much modularity can be confusing. What’s the best combination for me? Where to start?...


Packing Pieces: Drones and ICUs - The mICRO TINY

Drones are increasingly becoming indispensable pieces of kit, not just for the 'video guys' but for all kinds of photographers and visual creatives. As technology brings ever-smaller drones, they have become an essential part of the toolkit for mobile story tellers. Here we take a look a how f-stop Staff Pro Marc Gasch makes use of the Micro Tiny ICU to add a compact drone set up to his workflow even when he's on the bike: ...


f-stop Tips & Tricks: ICU Stacking & Hatchbacking

Our Mountain Series systems have become widely recognized for their comfort and modularity. A feature our hardware people always speak highly about has been the compatibility with our ICU system (a.k.a. Internal Camera Unit). It enables users the ability to balance their load and compartmentalize their gear. Although many ICU options are available, users are not limited to a single option per bag. This is something we hope to cover in this f-stop Tips & Tricks - ICU stacking and hatchbacking....




PhotoCrawl: Tokyo THROUGH THE LENS OF Henry CK

Hong Kong based Staff Pro, Henry CK, came over to Japan when we took the Urban Series out on the Tokyo PhotoCrawl. Here we take a look back at Tokyo through the eyes, or rather through the lens, of Henry CK and look ahead to his PhotoCrawl in Hong Kong....


Exploring old Tokyo with the new Urban Series

Tokyo is a super-city of over 13 million people, but beyond the images of commuters crammed onto trains and crowds teeming below neon lights, it is made up many local neighborhoods. This makes it ideal for street shooting. f-stop took to the streets with some of our Staff Pro team from Japan and Hong Kong to explore with the new Urban Series....



In a spectacular Photokina collaboration, f-stop and Canon Europe partnered up and showcased the power of print, pairing our bags with Canon’s Arizona Océ technology....




We Are f-stop: The faroe islands with mattia bicchi

A well crafted timelapse can capture the beauty of a location. f-stop customer, Mattia Bicchi is a professional timelapse and hyperlapse photographer and filmmaker from Italy. He has been living in London for the past seven years, creating timelapse pieces for film productions big and small, for clients inlcuding the BBC, Ford, Virgin Atlantic, and Mulberry. This summer he visited the Faroe Islands with his wife, and he got in touch to share these images and also some advice on what he used to shoot them....


We Are f-stop: Snowdonia with Jethro Kiernan

Jethro Kiernan is a photographer and Mountain Leader based in North Wales who specializes in mountain, outdoor adventure, and climbing photography. His photography started 30 years ago in the days of Velvia and Kodachrome, and after an interlude of a few years to raise a family, his passion for photography reignited after his kids started becoming mini-adventurers too!...


We Are f-stop: Starry Skies IN NZ with deb clark

Our latest 'We Are f-stop' installment comes from landscape photographer Deb Clark from New Zealand. A relative newcomer to the photography scene her photography journey started less than three years ago. Her favorite time to shoot is in the near dark of pre-dawn while the stars are still out....

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