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Event Stories


PhotoCrawl: Tokyo THROUGH THE LENS OF Henry CK

Hong Kong based Staff Pro, Henry CK, came over to Japan when we took the Urban Series out on the Tokyo PhotoCrawl. Here we take a look back at Tokyo through the eyes, or rather through the lens, of Henry CK and look ahead to his PhotoCrawl in Hong Kong....


Exploring old Tokyo with the new Urban Series

Tokyo is a super-city of over 13 million people, but beyond the images of commuters crammed onto trains and crowds teeming below neon lights, it is made up many local neighborhoods. This makes it ideal for street shooting. f-stop took to the streets with some of our Staff Pro team from Japan and Hong Kong to explore with the new Urban Series....



In a spectacular Photokina collaboration, f-stop and Canon Europe partnered up and showcased the power of print, pairing our bags with Canon’s Arizona Océ technology....


Red Bull Rampage with Paris Gore

For over a decade, the world’s best big mountain riders have congregated every year in Utah’s desert to compete at Red Bull Rampage. One of mountain biking’s most intimidating events, the course is known for massive gaps, steep terrain, and narrow ridgelines. So what’s it like to cover an event of this caliber out in the dusty desert filled with poisonous critters? Scroll down for a Q&A with Rampage Vet and MTB photographer, Paris Gore....


Pro Gathering Barcelona

As the year comes to an end, we decided to reflect with our Staff Pros and discuss our packs. Having the best photographers test our gear in a variety of environments and use it to shoot a wide range of genres including MTB, snowboarding, rock climbing, landscape, and wildlife, most definitely helps when it comes to evaluating our packs and thinking about future designs....