BEHIND THE SCENES: 'Ghosts of the Arctic' DIRECTED BY Abraham Joffe

'Ghosts of the Arctic' was a passion project for Staff Pro Abraham Joffe. The kind of project that his dreams were made of. This project follows wildlife photographer Joshua Holko through the glacial, white expanse of the Arctic in -20 degree temperatures. Their goal was to venture out into the frozen beauty of Svabald and document the polar bears. Days spent driving endless miles through harsh terrain in search of wildlife left Abraham and his team, battered, bruised and sore, but in spite all that, he couldn't be happier with the footage he got for this beautiful video:

Does this look cold enough for you? Imagine holding and operating camera gear in this:


Want to know more about how Abraham got drawn into shooting polar bears? What was the biggest challenge he encountered? What is was like to shoot in the extreme cold? Find out all of that, and more, it in his interview with National Geohraphic here and take a look at the raw behind-the-scenes footage of shooting in this harsh envionment below:

Abraham Joffe put his Sukha to the test. It's a hard life for a wildlife photographer's gear sometimes:


Pack mounted on the snowmobile, just in case that polar bear comes too close:


Gear Used in this Story



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