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The f-stop System
Watch the video explaining how the system works

f-stop System

Here's How It Works

Camera Gear & ICU

The ICU, or Internal Camera Unit, protects your camera equipment and other valuable gear. The heavy duty foam padding and Velcro® straps work together to keep your gear secure and protected.

Insert, Secure & Go

The ICU is designed to fit perfectly into your f-stop pack. It secures to the inside of the pack via Velcro® tabs and connection loops. When you’re ready to shoot, all of your gear inside of the ICU is accessible via the back panel opening.

Other Essentials

Everyone’s needs are different, so we designed the ICU’s with versatility in mind. The ability to choose the ICU size that fits your specific needs helps to find that perfect balance between camera gear and other essentials.

Step 1

Choose Your ICU

We offer a wide range of ICU’s with varying sizes, each one designed to offer you versatility when packing. Having multiple ICUs allows you to quickly and easily customize your pack based upon your needs for that day. It also allows you to have pre-set ICU’s for specific gear, cutting down on packing time.


Step 2

Choose Your Pack

All of our packs utilize the highest quality materials available on the market, and are designed to provide great comfort and weather protection. No matter the duration of your journey, the amount of gear you’re carrying or the destination, we have a perfect pack for you!



Step 3

Accessorize & Customize

The f-stop system doesn’t end with just packs and ICU’s. We offer numerous accessories, such as rain covers for extra protection from the elements and lens cases and pouches to hold extra gear, which allow you to customize your setup for your specific needs.