Maren Krings

Genre: Photographer

Hometown: Germany

About Maren

Maren Krings is freelance photographer and artist, with bases in Germany and Austria. She works for different magazines and on commission, in the fields of outdoor, reportage, documentary and architecture photography. Her expertise includes several book publications and international exhibitions. She acts as curator for exhibitions, art projects (such as WE AR’T) and artist-in-residence projects. Also, she teaches photography classes at different levels since 2005.

The First book was published in 2012, named:


The book shows different alpine farms over Tyrolia and South Tyrolia and links the culture deriving from it to the general being of the Tyrollean People. It draws a bridge between the lifestyle, habits, survival strategies and the essence of the whole Tyrolian race!


Second was published in 2014, named:

„Nerven wie Seile, die Bergrettung im Einsatz"


It is almost always about death or living, when they are called on a rescue mission! No weather can be bad enough to keep them from going out, in order to save lives, or get people out of precarious situations: the Tyrollean mountain rescue teams. Austrian author Irene Prugger and german photographer Maren Krings followed the lives and work of these brave women and men and captured their gripping stories. Both women produced a story consisting of text and images, that portrays the versatile work of these Jack of all trades.


The third book was published this year in June, named:

„Eine Höhenlinie weiter, Tux-Finkenberg“


In 2014 the German photographer, Maren Krings, was commissioned by Tux-Finkenberg Tourist Board to produce a new photographic album of the Tux valley entitled Tux-Finkenberg: Looking Beyond the Contour Lines.

It represents a photographic documentation of the Tux valley over a period of two-and-a-half years and across all seasons. With a resolute focus on the region and its inhabitants, the photographer has taken a sensitive and indepth look behind the curtain of superficiality. She examines the seasonal human endeavor and associated emotions as closely as she studies the valley’s traditions and customs. Observing from the outside and with an understanding of the inside, Maren Krings has created a fascinating picture of an Alpine region in the 21st century.



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