Jesper Gronnemark

Genre: Photographer

Hometown: viborg, denmark

About Jesper

am trained in photography from Media College Denmark in Viborg and have since
specialized in action and adventure sports. My base is in Denmark, but I have the
entire world as my playground.

I cannot imagine doing anything else. Photography has taken me to so many exciting
places around the World, and it has given me so many fantastic experiences and

I have been traveling the World for the past 10 years to shoot sports for commercial
and editorial customers, as well as events. I have been fortunate enough to work
with loads of exciting people on a broad variety of assignments.
But I do also find the time to execute personal projects, as I have a great need to
express and display my creative thoughts.

I am very fascinated by athletes’ strive to accomplish perfection, as I can recognize
my self in it. I can easily relate to it, when I photograph anything from Olympic
medallists, world champions, European champions to sports talents and living

With great dedication and passion, I try with my visual approach, to produce pictures
catered to my clients needs with focus on details, and I tell stories through inspiring
photographs. This is why my clients trust me with their most important assignments.
I love to travel, explore new surroundings and unite them with spectacular action
sports. To be perfectly honest, I am most relaxed when I am on the plane to the next
assignment. Furthermore, I love to immerse in projects and sports so that I know,
that I am properly prepared for the assignments I take on.
I am always up for chat about projects, sports, camera equipment and mostly
anything else.

When I am not taking pictures I can be caught running or on my racing bike (if you
can keep up).

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