jonny zeller

Genre: videographer

Hometown: usa

About jonny

Today, Jonny Zeller has fully embraced the role of director, but even if his bags carry fewer cameras, they still fit everything he needs on set. Directing large-scale projects for clients as diverse as Toyota and Google, McDonald's and Panasonic, it's hard to nail down a recurring genre. However, if Zeller's work has a common thread, it's storytelling. Growing up in Hudson, Wisconsin, Jonny started telling stories at a young age, and it's followed him well outside his native Midwest. Based in LA area, he's directed branded and commercial content in and out of the studio on five continents, touching down in countries like Nicaragua, Laos, Spain, and Zambia. An early adopter of F-Stop Gear, Jonny says that the one good thing about someone else packing the camera is that he's got more room in his bag for extra clothes (or scotch).

IG: @Jonnyzeller