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We Are f-stop Stories


We Are f-stop: Starry Skies IN NZ with deb clark

Our latest 'We Are f-stop' installment comes from landscape photographer Deb Clark from New Zealand. A relative newcomer to the photography scene her photography journey started less than three years ago. Her favorite time to shoot is in the near dark of pre-dawn while the stars are still out....


We Are f-stop: Naoki Odagaki's shred self portraits

In this "We Are f-stop" story, we are travelling over to Japan with the images of Naoki Odagaki. A man of many talents, he is a skateboarder, sponsored snowboarder, photographer, and father. Somehow he manages to fit shooting photographs around running a respected shop, and f-stop dealer, 'FOCUS', in Gifu, Japan. Now in it's thirteenth year, it was founded with the same DIY spirit as these images, working hard after hours to make a vision into reality. A love of both riding and shooting, and limited time lead him to creating these self-portraits of skateboarding and snowboarding after work and at the weekend. Seeing these shots, we had to find out more:...



"We Are f-stop" is a for all f-stop users to share their stories from the field, whether small daily adventure or epic travels. Get in touch with your story on Facebook or drop us an email to [email protected] and let us know on where your photography takes you and your pack! ...


We Are f-stop: Takahiro Nakanishi - Shinn ON A BIKE

Staff Pro Takahiro Nakanishi took his Shinn for ride in New Zealand. Access to stunning locations often takes a bit of extra effort. Heading up to the snow in New Zealand Taka transitioned from van-life mode to pedal power with a fully loaded Shinn....


We Are f-stop:
Katie M. ZaHarkin - a lucky escape testimonial

Here at f-stop we are always happy to hear stories from our users, whether they are customers or Staff Pro team members. "We Are f-stop" is a new series of stories from all kinds of f-stop users, covering the ups and downs of life in the field. We are kicking off with this testimonial from customer Katie M. Zaharkin of Nature's Lenz Photography who got in touch with her story of what must be close to every photographer's worst nightmare - involving a car and a camera bag. This story had a happy ending though, so Katie was able to keep on shooting the images below. We'll hand over to Katie from here:...