• In addition to the standard f-stop 45-day satisfaction policy, there is a 6 month workmanship warranty for the Dyota Mask to cover any defects in material. For additional information on warranty terms and filing a claim, please see our Warranty page.

    Our 45-day satisfaction policy is offered for the return of unworn/unused masks in the original packaging. Think of buying a mask like buying a bathing suit. You don’t want to try on a suit (or buy a mask) that someone has already used. Connect with our Support Team for any assistance.

    The bluesign® technologies group collaborates with factories and brands to reduce the human and environmental impact of textile-based production. They facilitate education to improve manufacturing processes to better utilize resources, ensure occupational health and safety of workers by eliminating hazardous chemicals and build safer working environments. They hold approved factories to stringent standards for pollution control. You can read more about bluesign® here.

    Ag+ (Silver) Ion technology, such as the DuPont SILVADUR™ used in the Dyota masks, acts as an antimicrobial agent to effectively control bacteria growth by delivering silver nanoparticles to organisms which land on the treated fabric. These ions safely kill microbes and retain antimicrobial properties even after multiple washes. You can read more about SILVADUR™ here.

    Quaternary Ammonium Salts, otherwise known as Q.A.S., is a smart antimicrobial treatment used in textiles. The properties of this compound provides a durable antibacterial defense.

    In addition to being a washable and reusable item, the Dyota Mask uses bluesign® certified fabrics, incorporates advanced antimicrobial technologies such as Q.A.S. and DuPont SILVADUR™, and utilizes ultrasonic welding to provide longevity and comfort.

    The simplest solution is to hand wash with mild soap and hot water and let air dry. Avoid applying any harsh chemicals which can degrade the materials and effectiveness of the mask. There are currently no strict guidelines on the frequency of cleaning fabric masks; general recommendations are to wash daily if worn frequently.

    The Q.A.S. outer layer helps block large particles and kill bacteria, while the dense polyester center layer reduces particles and liquid droplet penetration. The inner knit provides a comfortable and breathable layer treated with DuPont SILVADUR™ for extra antimicrobial protection.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy answer to the question. We follow the CDC guidelines and most governmental suggestions.

    NO. Cloth masks help to protect other people, not the wearer. People with COVID-19 can spread the virus before symptoms appear, and some people can have COVID-19 and never show symptoms. In both cases people can unknowingly spread the virus. If you are an unknowingly sick person, wearing a mask can help to protect others and slow transmission in our communities.

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