How would you carry all of your camera gear plus a lot of camping gear?

You might do what f-stop Ambassador Pia Steen does when she wants to pack camera gear and camping gear. She loads up her Shinn 80L DuraDiamond® with everything from cine setups to long lenses.

Pia Steen at a lake with Mountains with the Shinn DuraDiamond camera pack and a Tripod Attached on the front

One of Pia’s passions is landscape photography which requires a lot of planning, time, and patience. Pia is often on multiple day tours and workshops. So she needs a pack with the capacity to carry EVERYTHING for several days, including clothing, a jacket, sleeping bag, camping stove, food, etc.  Then, when planning short hikes away from camp and plan, Pia unpacks, reorganises and just takes the essentials for that day’s hike.

One of Pia's mottos to get the best light is "Better to be two hours too early than just two minutes late" . She is using f-stop for more than 10 years now and her newest addition is the Shinn 80L DuraDiamond® ⁠

Whether you pack a Shinn 80L like Pia, or a smaller Mountain Series bag, you'll find multiple attachment points on all Mountain Series packs.  You can use Gatekeeper straps to attach anything, most commonly a tripod, sleeping bag, etc.  Pia carries a heavy tripod and attaches it to the front panel of the pack so there is equal weight distribution side to side.  Equal weight distribution is key to comfortably carrying your loaded pack long distances.  Additionally, Pia uses the front pocket to secure one or two tripod legs which stabilises the load and keeps everything secure – check out the photo below.

Happy Camping!

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