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Shooting in the big mountains with Guillaume Le Guillou


1. Be fit to be fast & Dive into your sports.

Choose a sport that you really love. For me, it was snowboarding. You need to become part of the scene and culture of the sport you have chosen, and then you can start shooting with an inside vision of the all process. You should be good enough to follow the best riders and make friends. Then you will have access to athletes and to events because you understand the community.
Training during summer (bike, skate, surfing) is mandatory to be ready for next winter.


2.Security first


It looks strange, but it's all about risk management: high mountain is dangerous: weather, avalanche, crevasse can be lethal. So, we have to do some exercises. The beginning of the season is always a good time to practice. Every year we do some beacon practice to be fast especially in the worst conditions: multi victim, wind, people freaking out. Crevasse rescue training is something important as we spend a lot of time on glaciers.


3. Become a multi-skilled Photographer: learn to shoot video and become a drone pilot

Shooting stills is not enough nowadays to make a living. Because you never know where a job will come from, you should be able to write stories around you stills photography, shoot video and editing it – Start with video right away. That's the good thing of today: you can buy a camera that shoot video with a very good quality. Drone is also a must today, so you have to learn how to fly one and take video and stills photos


4. find your niche & develop your own personality

It is easier to sell images of commercial the sport but there will be many photographers and it's not easy to be better than them. I was quite lucky because, when I started snowboarding photography, not so many people were able to follow top riders in technical and exposed place. For different reasons I have chosen to shoot a lot of black and white it has become my signature.


5. Action vs lifestyle & portrait: Photograph the details around the action

Half of the published pictures are not action. Even if we are driven by getting the pinnacle of a ride it's very important to focus on lifestyle, portrait, and product shots. Magazines want to tell stories and will need not just "porn" action shots. Brands want shots where we can see the product or logo.






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