Shooting wakeboarding with gustavo cherro


1. Think fast, but be patient

Do not panic if before the first jumps do not get good results, your mind and ability will understand the athlete's times and as the day progresses, everything will improve. Do not hurry 


2. Understand the activity

Try to meet the athlete, observe his movements and learn about him, if possible, interact with him and deepen that knowledge. This will help you get better results.


3. The background

A stunning background can transform a simple photo into one that is extraordinary. Take advantage and be "ironic" with the environment, a rider running out of his environment will always impact more visually.


4. Make up the image

Is one of the most important aspects of a photograph, the composition of an image is what makes it great.  Many times the place of the shot is predictable, and this allows us to preview and compose in our mind the image before it happens.



The best way to get cool and different pictures is to get out of the boat and shoot from a different places. from land, from some jump ramp, from some high point, even from inside the water.


6. Technical resources

Try to vary resources and techniques when photographing, use low speeds, make half screens, make sequences, choose different lenses.







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