environmental storytelling with maren krings


1. Pick your subject of interest

Environmental topics are immensely widespread and it is important that you pick one that particularly interests you. This should be one that you get access to with your camera. Think simple, look in front of your doorstep and own that topic!

No matter if it is elimination of single-use plastic, stopping soil erosion, building houses from organic materials or practicing circular economy, to cut down on carbon emissions.

Just pick the one you feel most engaged with and watch out not to be the next „Big-Foot “on carbon emissions, while trying to produce that great story!

2. Choose your focus point 

After choosing the subject matter, the next step is to focus on one particular viewpoint. The options are endless. You can focus on the damage done, the solutions in sight or just documenting the status quo of the topic

Be creative about the angles and viewpoints, just make sure to stick to a cohesive image language, no matter if you are working with a drone, different lenses or with viedo

3. Create a storyline

Have your story in your head, it is easy to get lost in the multiple layers of sustainability and ecological issues!

Don’t set out to shoot your story without a brief in your head. Prepare the storyline and stick to it. You might have to be flexible on how you tell it, but know what your focus is, otherwise you will get confused and have no clear story to tell.

To be a photographer nowadays is by far not enough. Be ready to be a writer, a journalist, a camera operator, an artist, a blogger, a social-media specialist, an editor and a big optimist about being able to handle all of the mentioned.

4. Connect with likeminded people

Don’t compromise, research your topic and make sure to speak to more than just one expert about it. If you are not sure on specifics, ask people who have worked in the field for years, there are more out there than you might think at first. Don’t be afraid to ask!

5. Take the photos

Action time! Now that you have all the preparations done, it’s time to get to work. Go out there and get your story done!


6.  Finalize your story


Now it’s time for all the pieces to come together. Time for edits and final selection of images. Try to put the story in the following order:

·       Introduction

·       Story establishment 

·       Climax 

·       Conclusion

I am excited to see your stories and results of this challenge and will say that each and everyone participating in it will push the awareness for the environmental issues forward.

Please do not make award-oriented decisions only. Push yourself to be a better person in this entire context!

Thank you very much for participating!






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