Harney Pouch

This multi-purpose pouch can be worn over the shoulder. With its sleek design, the Harney offers foam padding, water-resistant materials, and customizable dividers. It’s perfect for small excursions with your camera and several lenses.

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The Harney Pouch is a versatile weather resistant padded case that can be used in a variety of ways for an assortment of gear. It includes a shoulder strap allowing it to be worn individually in addition to its ability to be mounted on a pack via MOLLE straps. The padded main compartment includes two dividers and is large enough for three medium sized lenses or one lens and spare body. It also includes two front zipper pockets perfect for batteries, chargers, and filters. For Mountain Series users packing a Large Pro ICU, the Harney is shaped perfectly to stack right on top, allowing quick access and removal of frequently used gear.

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