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Behind the Cover : Blake Jorgenson

About the cover, tell us about how you photographed it and tips for those looking to capture something similar?

Last year was a struggle in Whistler with warm temps and lots of rain. With rumors of a massive storm in Italy, myself and the Superproof crew headed to Courmayer Italy. After realizing that any remnants of a storm was long gone, we settled into a week of spring skiing and great food hoping for a miracle. On our last day it snowed a foot of fresh snow and we were able to score a heli drop on the summit of one of Courmayers back bowls. The boys hit just about anything they could get on top of trying to save the trip.

We had already gone down this bowl earlier in the trip which leads down a horrible traverse, and through a steep rocky decent into another town where we waited at a freezing cold bus shelter. It seemed much easier this time with a few shots to take home. It’s also rare that I ever shoot shots with the intention of being used as a cover but this is an exception. I know that the blue sky would work well for text so I framed it as a vertical (I frame 99% of all my shot as a horizontal) and center framed Sean in the air. Sure enough it worked!

When did you take this shot and what did you use to shoot it?

This shot was taken in one of Courmayer’s back bowls. We had almost got skunked on this trip and then on the final day it snowed a foot of fresh for us. This was shot on a Nikon D4 with a 70-200 2.8 lens.

For those that aren’t familiar with you or your work, tell us a bit about yourself and your photography?

I specialize in outdoor lifestyle and action images taken in the mountains. Mountain culture is always evolving and it is something I will be photographing forever. I shoot many mountain sports but skiing is always where my heart is.

For those looking to find out more about you, where can they go?

Best way to view my images and get in touch is at



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