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Behind the Cover : Lars Scharl

About the cover, tell us about how you photographed it and tips for those looking to capture something similar?

The nature of this project was that it was going to be a one-and-done massive stunt, with serious consequences and really only this one chance to get it done. So I invested a lot of thought about which angle I wanted to shoot from, to realize exactly what I wanted to have in the final photo. I had two identical camera setups in my hands, firing off and panning along with both at the same time, just in case one camera had any issue of any kind - you don’t want to end up shooting the gnarliest photo of your career and then your camera or memory card has a freak issue and stops shooting after the first of three flips. ;) As with any kind of shoot of such a magnitude, it’s also a big mental game for the athletes and the photographers and filmers - respect the athlete’s mental state, make sure to be ready to go whenever he or she is ready, don’t make anyone wait for you. I was actually trembling pretty heavily when I heard Sheeny gun his engine in the woods and make his way toward the ramp - I guess once that happens to you as a photographer, you know that s**t just got real and you better not mess up.

When did you take this shot and what did you use to shoot it?

I shot the sequence at the end of april when I was at Pastranaland to document Josh Sheehan attempt the first Triple Backflip on a freestyle motocross bike. I used a Canon 1D 4 with a 15mm 2.8 Canon Fisheye lens. I shot the sequence as a panoramic all-in-one, which means that I panned along with the rider and followed his jump arc with the camera, to enlarge my angle of view and capture more details of the surroundings in the shot than I would have been able to in another way.

For those that aren’t familiar with you or your work, tell us a bit about yourself and your photography?

I’m an action sports photographer from Bayreuth, Germany. I mostly work in the mountain biking field but since I’m a big fan of pretty much everything action-related. I try to seize every opportunity that presents itself to shoot other sports as well - be it freerunning, FMX, snowboarding, freeskiing, cliff diving, rock climbing.

For those looking to find out more about you, where can they go?

You can find more info on me and my work here on my staff pro page, my Facebook photo page, and on Instagram.
Hope you guys liked this little insight into the Triple Flip cover!!


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