Krystle Wright and REDirect

Over the last few years we have worked with some amazing photographers and some amazing partner brands. Last year we started talking to the guys at RED Digital Cinema about the possibility of working together as they really liked the fact that the Shinn can take a rigged RED Digital Cinema camera and be ready shoot. This is also the reason the guys at BrainFarm, Teton Gravity, Sherpas Cinema and Camp4 love the bag.

When the opportunity arose for us to get in involved in REDirect it was a bit of a no brainer, working with a bunch of guys we liked at RED and having a chance to get our gear in the hands of some amazing film makers. We did not know at the time of signing up that our very own Krystle Wright had been selected as one of the participants in REDirect 2016.



For those of you unaware, RED and OUTSIDE TV have teamed up for the 2016 REDirect film contest to find the most compelling adventure lifestyle stories. Each of the ten contestants from around the globe will be provided with a RED SCARLET-W camera system plus gear and accessories from G-Technology, Dell, Carl Zeiss and f-stop, collectively valued at over $35,000, to use exclusively for the contest. Participants will be judged on both their “Best Moment in Time” still photo as well as their finished short film, 5 minutes in length. The completed film and supplemental content, including behind the scenes footage captured during production, will be accessible via and OUTSIDETELEVISION.COM.

The competition’s Grand Prize Winner will be awarded the 5K SCARLET-W camera system plus all the gear used to shoot their winning entry, announced on August 4th in coordination with the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show in Salt Lake City, Utah.

As the entries close on the 1st June we caught up with Krystle in the middle of production to get some of her thoughts on REDirect and what it means to her as someone who is coming from photography to be part of this project.


Q. Tell me what inspired you for this specific project? 

A. I’d love to keep a bit of mystery around my project so apologies in advance if I come across vague. Originally I had an epic ski expedition lined up for this competition but thanks to a mixture of life and mother nature, plans have changed dramatically. Laying up with a broken ankle certainly gave me a lot of time to brainstorm in February and my mind shifted to a particular conversation that has been recurring throughout my whole career and I want to answer this conversation once and for all. I’m really hoping that I’m going to surprise everyone with this piece!

Q. What inspired you to get involved with REDirect?

A. I seem to be great at throwing myself into situations where I am biting off way more than I can chew right now as I am also constructing my slideshow for the annual Pro Photographer Showdown. I thrive in high pressure situations that even though I do get stressed out, I also have this love of being under deadline as it forces me to act. I think I’ve been searching for the right excuse to get a push into really tackling film making and seeing what my capabilities are in this field.



Q. What excites you the most and what scares you the most about the project?

A. I am really excited by the challenge of producing a 5minute film that ideally will engage and resonate with an audience. Film making has not been my forte thanks to my first love of being a photographer as the still image is how I see and understand the world around me. It’s a different type of story telling and I do get scared that perhaps my skills as a photographer may not translate into filmmaking and that what I see in my head this time won’t be able to shine through film. I am a perfectionist which is both a blessing and a hindrance and I just want to create a coherent story with the right technical skills to back it on film.

Q. How do you think this will impact your future direction?

A. I have a strong feeling that this competition will provide me with new confidence in tackling film projects and learning to keep finding the balance between being a photographer and film maker. I get more and more requests on expeditions to tackle both mediums which is stressful, and perhaps that is due to the fact that I have not dedicated nearly anywhere as much time as I have to stills. I get a great joy in playing around with film and I am excited to tackle this first project where film comes first and stills are second. It’s hard to say where the future direction will steer but in surviving as freelancer in this modern age, it is valuable to develop extra skills to bring to the table.

We will be keeping up with Krystle as she moves through the entire REDirect process and we are stoked to be involved in such an exciting project with a group of amazing creative individuals.

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