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The Moving Landscape: Photo Interview with Sarah Hatton

Photography is a craft. Some do it as a profession; others do it as a hobby. Regardless of how or why, there are common traits found in all great shooters. They almost always have the drive and most certainly have the passion. Passion is the enjoyment of freezing a moment in time. It’s waking up early to wait behind a lens as light peaks over the summit. Drive keeps the alarm clock pinned at 4am. It’s is the motivating factor that forces creativity to do something different and new.

Sarah Hatton, also known by her social handle @ISO100_Photography, is one of those individuals. The young talent has made huge strides in short time and was able to turn a hobby into a full time profession. Read on to discover more about Sarah and her journey into photography.

Tell us a bit about your regular life and when you picked up your first camera?

Well life isn't regular for me and that’s just the way i like it. I spend as much time possible outside behind the camera. I picked up my first camera back in 2012 after having a long-time interest in photography. Motivated to learn and succeed, I decided to give it a go for myself… I am proud to say i am self taught. Things started to get pretty serious, so i decided to take the plunge and go full-time earlier this year and things couldn't be going better. I host workshops both at home in Australia through my own photography brand, Iso100 Photography, as well as subcontract my services to 'One Of A Kind Photography Adventures’ leading adventure/workshop photo tours internationally to locations such as New Zealand and Canada. Most importantly, I have a great amount of support with sponsorships from big names like LEE Filters, The North Face, and the legends here at f-stop.

Many hobbyist want to jump to doing photography full time. When did you figure out that you can finally monetize your talent and make a living doing just photography?

It’s such a tough call to make, I chose to take the plunge this year because the timing was right for me, I had the financial support, support from my sponsors, and enough work to get me off the ground. Once momentum builds, it gets hard to keep up with the work sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way! The freedom and travel I experience doing this as a job far outweighs anything else i could imagine… This is the life for me, I am doing what I love and it supports me financially. What more could I ask for!

There's obviously a self promoting aspect when being a full time solo shooter. Tell us about how you kickstarted your career and the first dominos to drop that started it all?

Self promotion and marketing your brand is crucial these days. With regards to self promotion, social media is of paramount importance. Building yourself a strong following of genuine followers across several platforms is a a great start. You want to be known… Engaging regularly and posting only my best work is what rocketed Iso100 Photography out into the landscape photography world. When it comes to self marketing, it's important that I be professional, articulate, and honest.

You call yourself a "long exposure" photographer. Tell us a bit about this title and why.

Yes, I would say I favor long exposure photography and that it is one of my favorite methods of shooting. I am simply hooked on the effect of a long exposure shot. You never know what you're going to get until you see the final exposure and that makes it exciting. It can transform a scene into something truly brilliant when you capture the movement of time over several minutes.

Who inspires you today? Where do you see yourself in five years?

I get inspired by those who delve into the adventure side of things. Mixing good stills with adventure is a recipe for pretty epic material that makes me wish "I was there". Stand out names that inspire me most would have to be Timothy Poulton, Stian Klo, Max Rive, Felix Inden, Chris Burkard and Paul Zizka. Where do i see myself in 5 years... man that's a tough one. I hope to be doing what I'm doing right now, just on a much larger scale. I want to be one of the world's best female landscape photographers.

List your must visit destinations.

New Zealand South Island, British Columbia/Alberta Canada, Oregon/Washington USA, Patagonia, Iceland… Iceland is still on my wish-list, Id almost rob a bank to fund a trip there!

Tell me about where you grow up and what the people around you were growing up to be (profession wise)?

I grew up on the coast in Kiama NSW, Australia, and moved to country Victoria from high-school onwards. Both my parents are doctors. I have 3 brothers, one Accountant, one engineer, one miner, and two sisters, one in Law and the other Performing arts… Our family is a diverse bunch. I am the only one into photography, but you could say I live the most exciting life out of all of them. None of my friends have any interest in photography, which is perhaps why it took me until 2012 to really get into it.

Tell me a bit about the area that you were raised in and some of the things that helped mold you into the person you are.

I was raised in a loving home by supportive parents. I had a private school education before earning a Diploma at TAFE and Bachelor degree at Monash University in Melbourne. I would describe myself as a very resilient person. I adapt well and learn quickly, especially when it’s something I have passion for. I have excellent people skills and enjoy a good time… It's taken me until my late 20’s to finally relax into the person I have become and I can finally say i am totally content and happy. Bring on the next photography adventure!



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