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The making of the "modern mummy"

We all know Ulla Lohmann - the girl that does everything that other people wouldn’t dare to do. A while ago she had an extraordinary opportunity to witness and photograph the process of mummification one of Anga Tribe’s elders.

The first contact Ulla had with the Anga Tribe in Papua New Guinea was back in 2009. At the beginning, she was politely told she wasn’t welcome as the tribe wasn’t accustomed to visitors, and they didn't like their culture to be seen by outsiders.

After several attempts Ulla finally made a good connection with the people from the tribe and got to a point where she was asked by Gemtasu (one of the tribe’s elders) to photograph his own mummification and share his story after he dies.

Years later, in 2015 when Gemtasu died, Ulla returned to Papua New Guinea and fulfilled his dying wish.


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