Ever wanted to be able to fly? Or to go an epic road trip? These desires for freedom from constraints and new experiences are combined in the final film of 'We Are The Rovers' trilogy. With paramotors and a converted school bus adventure-mobile they journey through the epic landscapes of Norway. In advance of the premiere this weekend, Antonin Moichaud-Soret from Ahstudio sat down to give us the pro's insight on the gear and planning to shoot this project.



'To be a Rover'

We developed the concept of « We are the Rovers » with the idea of getting out of the main path of paramotoring. We wanted to create an adventure, dedicated to travelling and to the freedom that you can get because of the sport.

Wandering with the wing above some streets, flying above wild highlands, cruising desert, gliding clouds diving into canyon and unexplored sceneries.

It means to get out of the beaten paths, far from a slalom parc or a flat field in Belgium!
That, for us, is the main spirit of these adventures!



“The 3rd movie of the trilogy, We Are the Rovers Norway will take you on a fantastic human paramotoring adventure and make you discover the beauty of the untouched Norwegian sceneries. The movie will take you out on land, sea and in the air to make you have a feeling of the greatest of the country. The trip is rythmed by the sound of the propellers, the movement of the waves on the BeXplore Boat and the unfinishing roads in the Nomads Bus. A human adventure where laughs, discoveries and the unexpected make every moment unforgettable." 


How did you come up with the idea?

Some years ago, I met Val from http://letsbenomads.com/ just when they opened their kickstarter project for the bus. I felt in love with their project, and since I was running the idea to do something with them. Then early 201è, Yan from http://bexplorer.com/ offered for me to join them onboard for an expedition during the summer... Everything came together in my mind very quickly, and I started to call everyone to make the third episode of our aerial adventure film in Norway happen!


How long did it take you to prepare for this trip?

This was a quite big project, as we had a tiny budget and a lot of different location and talents to manage. I think it took me 6 month to organize it properly, find the good planning to tight everything at the same periode, wher the boat can sail, the bus can drive, and the paramotor can fly. I did my best to think in advance about all the aspect of the adventure, for the talents, but also for the camera team as filming 3000m above the ocean, then sail, then do some stunt with a nice yellow bus. I think the most tricky part was to deal with the forecast as it's a windy country.



How did you manage everything logistically?

With my phone, my brain and my experience in filming in remoted and difficults places. I have to say that the work done before, then working with trustable person as Robin (DOP at Ahstudio) helped me a lot, same with our gear as Fstopgear bags and cameras.. Yan and the boat crew handle a lot of the daily stuff, the route...etc. Then Val and Tim, were so relax, it was a perfect environement for the team to work :) Have to admit as we're french, good food helped us to stay in a good mood and work efficiently when we had some stress to deal with!


What equipment did you take for this project and how did you pack everything?

We had to pack and prepare to face different situations:

First, travel to the harbor where the boat was. We packed all our big camera gear in the Sukha and smaller gear in the Loka UL.

Travelling by plane to go up to the north of the country, we were limited by space and repacked camera as safe as possible to make the trip. Basicaly, camera body with us in the Loka UL as cabin laguage, and all the others stuff and primes were in the Sukha.

When we were on the bus we - you guessed it - split the gear again! :)

This time we had more space, so the Sukha was the main work station, where to packed everything for us to have in one place. 

The Loka UL was perfect for the "on the go" filming, when you have to jump around here and there while, and when one of us was filming from the air with our para-motors.


What's next for you? 

I am about to leave on the Transcontinental race, where I'm working this year on a long lengh documentary about this authentique bicycle race. Then another adventure will take me to Mongolia at the end of August ... then Spain, and then back to my home to enjoy the end of the summer in south of France, and fly a bit for myself!


'We Are The Rovers Norway' premieres this Saturday, September 22nd, at the Coupe Icare film festival in France. Head to to We Are the Rovers for further screenings.

See more of Antonin and the rest of the Ahstudio crew's work - with a lot more flying adventures with paramotors - here.

All these cool behind the scenes images for We Are The Rovers are by Louis Garnier - check his work here.

Want to be rover yourself? They partnered with the Nomads Bus and Bexplorer boat.
Happy travels!


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