Staying creative while at home with nejc trpin

 f-stop Pathfinder Nejc Trpin is an award-wining Landscape and Adventure photographer based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. His work is published in various Slovenian and international papers and magazines including National Geographic and Landscape Photography Magazine. He runs Trips4photos Photography Workshops in Slovenia, Croatia, and Central Europe. He is a Fujifilm Slovenia and Kase Filter's ambassador. From 2020 he is a member of Pathfinder program by f-Stop gear.


The reason I started this project was the lack of climbing training possibilities during the COVID 19 quarantine time. I was searching the web to get some useful ideas for training at home and I came across the web edition of Rock And Ice magazine with the banner of a climber in the kitchen. When I saw the photo I was immediately inspired to do a similar photograph. After publishing it on social media, the feedback was very positive and some friends encouraged me to do photo series presenting such 'outdoor' activities. It was followed by a sleepless night and a few ideas came to my mind, so with the help of my girlfriend Leni as my assistant, I tried to make something out of it.


The project was made in my apartment and it was also a learning project. In my photography, I mostly rely on natural light, and just recently I started to focus more on the strobes, so it was somehow a nice way to bring theoretical knowledge to practice. I used Fujifilm X-T2, two lenses (10-24mm and 18-55mm), two strobes with the diffusers on the tripods, a remote trigger, and all sorts of sports equipment (backpacks, helmets, snowboard, skateboard, slackline, inline skates...).


I was thinking about the scenes in advance, so I had to prepare everything in the room I was shooting and tested the strobes every single time. When the set was optimal - that sometimes took a lot of time as I had only two strobes, I brought in all the equipment for the specific sport we were shooting. The modeling and triggering were made by my assistant Leni. For the jumping images, I used the chair to stand/sit on it and after the shooting, I took another image without it and erased it in the PS. I had to make still images, as I live in the block of flats and the neighbors would probably get really pissed if I was actually jumping around.



Now I have run out of sports that I have the equipment for. There was another idea to make a shooting with SUP in the bathroom, but the bathroom and the bathtub are simply too small for the inflatable SUP. All the shooting is going to be a nice memory of the quarantine times. It was a lot of struggle but a lot of fun too. I will try to use this knowledge in the field when things get back to normal.



This quarantine time affects my business pretty much. At the moment I had to cancel all my workshops in the near future, but we are using this time to prepare some new workshops and are adding some new destinations. Also, I am looking forward to doing some new adventure projects with the athletes when the quarantine is over.

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