20+ Things to do while at home with f-stop

As most of the planet is at home right now, it’s a good time to spend on ourselves, our self-growth & self-love! Doing some work that we’ve put aside due to time constraints might not hurt too. [Yes, we know about your unedited file of images from your trip in 2015] Luckily, we talked with the best in the industry on how to keep your adventurous spirit in check, while in the comfort of your couch. Read all the tips & tricks we’ve gathered here:

Films and Documentaries

Looking for something to watch? Check out this collection of adventure films by our Ambassadors

Adventure films with Anthony Gordon 

For all those that are looking to watch some adventure while they are at home, f-stop Ambassador Anthony Gordon has loaded a series of his films for your enjoyment and to help you get a little bit of adventure in your lives.

You can find the films here: https://vimeo.com/showcase/6898089


Onboard Documentary by Antonin Michaud-Soret 

Antonin’s latest documentary is now available for purchase. The documentary is about the mythical bicycle race: Transcontinental Race. 4000km across Europe, without assistance, in autonomy. The first take it in less than 9 days.

In this documentary, there is everything Antonin, the director, has collected about a cyclist who fights a very personal battle simply to complete the race

You can find the full documentary here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/onboardtcr


Short films about Covid-15 by Nicolai Brix

f-stop Ambassador Nicolai, and his team, had an idea on Thursday 19th of March, wrote the scripts the following day and went out shooting during the weekend. So this week he will be posting 5 free short films to raise the awareness of the importance of staying home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can find the films here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YtlbRdw7U_YJCrrw0C6jHZiD22zek8xk

Each day he will be posting a new film in the same folder, so make sure to check them out.

Warning: Some of the scenes contain strong language and scenes with horror nature.


Stay up to date with the latest news in the industry

Daily podcasts with Gonzalo Manera

f-stop Ambassador Gonzalo Manera is having weekly podcasts where he interviews photographers, where they talk about… well, everything.

You can find his podcasts on the following links:



Note: The podcasts are on Spanish


Self-growth, and learning something new is always good, so we have gathered a couple of book/eBook recommendations that you can read while at home. 

The tattooed ladies of the Lai Tu Chin by Dylan Goldby

f-stop Ambassador Dylan Goldby is giving you an insight into 128 pages of photographs and information on the tattooed ladies of the Lai Tu Chin people in Myanmar. All proceeds go towards developing education systems and providing clean drinking water to the Lai Tu Chin people.

You can find the book here: https://www.dylangoldby.com/shop/


"Photographing Through the Seasons" by Photo Cascadia

As part of Photo Cascadia, f-stop Ambassador Adrian Klein wants to share a book from Photo Cascadia called “Photographing Through the Seasons”. This book reverses the usual approach of a location guide. Rather than beginning with a destination, they begin with a season and recommend areas in the western United States that are likely to be highly photogenic at that time of year.

You can find the eBook here: https://www.photocascadia.com/store/photographing-through-the-seasons/


Latest e-books by Matthew Vandeputte

For all of those that are looking to increase your passive income or learn more about timelapse photography, f-stop Ambassador Matthew Vandeputte has the right thing for you. He published 3 eBooks “Passive Income for Creatives”, “The Ultimate Timelapse guide”, and “The Astro Timelapse guide” where he gives you all of his insights about these subjects.

You can find the eBooks on the link here: https://matjoez.myshopify.com/

To get $10 off your purchase of the “Passive Income for Creatives” eBook, use the code “fstop” during checkout.


Improve your landscape photography with David Cobb

You can improve upon your garden landscape photography work and your macro flower photography skills by learning a variety of tips and techniques for photographing in the garden with this easy-to-use eBook from f-stop Ambassador David Cobb. Spring is here, so why wait!

You can find the eBook here: https://dmcobbphoto.com/shop/ebooks/100-tips-to-improve-your-flower-and-garden-photography/


Editing photos with Michal Krause

In these quiet times when everyone is staying home f-stop ambassador Michal Krause has published 3 eBooks that are a perfect way to fulfill your free time and read some quality content.

In his books, you can find everything from editing and retouching photos, work with layers, compose panoramas and efficiently using Lightroom tools.

You can find the full set of books here: https://www.michalkrause.com/e-knihy/

Important note: The books are on Czech


"Location Lighting" & "A Professional Photographer's Workflow" by Michael Clark

If you are looking to take your photography to the next level and want to incorporate artificial lighting into your images, or maybe learn about the main topics of a shooting workflow that moves into a raw processing workflow with Adobe Lightroom CC [2015] and Photoshop CC, then these books from f-stop Ambassador Michael Clark will give you all the tools to do just that.

You can find the eBooks on the following links here:



Educational Tutorials 

Our Ambassadors have a variety of free and paid online educational tutorials that will help you to improve your skills. Here are some of them.

Online Tutorials by Sean Bagshaw

f-stop Ambassador Sean Bagshaw has produced a wide range of tutorials teaching landscape photography post-processing with Photoshop, The TK Panel, and Lightroom. His YouTube channel features over 7 years of free short format tutorials on a variety of topics. My long-format courses cover topics such as getting started with Photoshop, Lightroom Essentials, Complete Developing Workflow, Photoshop Techniques, Luminosity Masks, and TK Panel Video Guides. I am donating 25% of the income from my courses during the coronavirus crisis to help victims and families in my state.

You can find his YouTube Channel here: http://www.youtube.com/seanbagshaw

You can find his long-format courses here: https://www.outdoorexposurephoto.com/video-tutorials/video-tutorials/



Online masterclasses with William Patino

From setting up your camera, techniques in the field and detailed post processing, Wills 'Into The Light' series is a 7-episode masterclass from f-stop Ambassador William Patino which covers just about everything to do with landscape photography and how to create impactful images. See how images were made step-by-step out in the field and then processed in Photoshop. Each episode progresses in technical difficulty, covering mountains, seascapes, forests, waterfalls, astro and much more. Raw files and show notes are also included. Will also has two separate, advanced processing tutorials available, showcasing essential effects and methods in Photoshop, using his simple and unique techniques which yield awesome results.  

You can find the tutorials here: https://williampatino.com/photography-tutorials/


Online tutorials by Hudson Henry

f-stop Ambassador Hudson Henry is sharing (free of charge) 2 video tutorials about Finding the No-Parallax-Point and the Exposure Triangle. In the first video he will show you how to mount your camera in the precise position to make capturing even the most advanced panoramas easy. In the second video he will go in depth through each of the three variables that interact to properly expose an image.

You can find the videos on the following links:




An online course by Veronica Lanza

Join f-stop Ambassador Veronica Lanza during the recording of a concert and learn how to strategically adapt during the recording of something that only happens once: an event. This course is for you if you have a basic understanding of audiovisual language and video filming.

You can find the course here https://www.crehana.com/cursos-online-produccion/produccion-de-video-para-eventos/

Important note: The course is on Spanish


Online tutorials by Michael Clark

Besides the eBooks, Michael has a couple of online tutorials that you might find useful. One of them is setting up a practical and efficient workflow with your photography, and learning about what you want to edit on the image before you even take the shot.

You can find the tutorial here: https://www.creativelive.com/class/the-professional-photographers-digital-workflow-michael-clark

He also has a website with variety of free BTS videos following some of his most well-known assignments using Elinchrom, where you can learn about the world of adventure sports photography.

Here is a link to the website: https://adventureschool.elinchromus.com/


An online course by Athena Carey

Athena is sharing her online course with multiple tips for Fine Art Photography, On-Location photography, what to pack for a trip and how to create and edit stunning panoramas. Her course offers three modules with lots of interesting photography topics. This is a perfect way to learn how to use light to your advantage, deal with changing weather and of course advanced using of Adobe Bridge,Dfine, Silver Efex Pro and Photoshop.

You can find the course here:



One on One's with Erin Babnik

f-stop Icon Erin Babnik is giving 1 hour Skype consultations for anyone that is interested in one on one image consultation, portfolio reviews, and career advising.

You can find the consultation link here:


Also, Erin is teaching photography on a Global Online Photography Conference where she gives tips about photo challenges, image reviews and offers photography tutorials.

You can find the conference link here:


Online Classes and WorkshopS

No matter what you are trying to learn, our Ambassadors have the right knowledge for you. You can find some of our Ambassador classes and workshops below.

Film classes with Chris Prescott

f-stop Ambassador Chris Prescott is offering online teaching on one to one basis. With over 10 year’s experience working within the outdoor film industry and having taught for Sony and Edinburgh University Chris is happy to cover a wide range of topics.

You can find out more about the online lessons here: https://www.darksky-media.com/teaching


Online courses with  Gonzalo Manera

f-stop Ambassador Gonzalo Manera is giving online courses under the Visual University. At the moment two are done by him, a technical introduction to video and a workflow and asset management course. As an addition to this interesting course, he offers a 25% discount code on everything for all the f-stop readers. The code is FSTOP25 to be included at checkout.

You can find the courses  here:



Important note: The courses are on Spanish


With many topics and projects to discuss, our Ambassadors are offering daily/weekly webinars for your entertainment and self-growth. Here are some of them.

Daily webinars with Mario Rubio

While at home, you can tune in and listen to f-stop ambassador Mario Rubio who has webinars every day that are completely free. You can gain advanced skills for Night photography, Wildlife and landscape photography, lighting for fashion photography, High speed, and sports photography as well as Cataloging in Lightroom. Make sure you reserve your spot!

You can find the webinars here:


Important note: The webinars are on Spanish

Social Media

Currently being the best tool to learn and see something new, we have gathered a couple of social media campaigns that you can get involved in. 

Instagram live with Ulla Lohmann

f-stop Icon Ulla Lohmann is having Instagram Live every day, where you can ask her questions that you’d always liked to ask an adventure storyteller, shooting for magazines such as Geo, National Geographic or filming for the BBC.

Tune in every day at noon(12 pm GMT+1) on her Instagram channel @ullalohmann.


Instagram Q&A's with Antonio Liebana

Want to chat about Wildlife Photography? Join Antonio Liebana for a live Q&A's insta session every day at 8:00PM Central European Time. Check out Anotnio's insta channel: @liebanafot


Instagram live Q&A's with f-stop and its Ambassadors.

f-stop is also creating many campaigns that you can participate in.

Every Friday we have Q&As on Instagram live with one of our Ambassadors where you can ask them any questions that you might have regarding their projects, gear, pro tips, etc. This Friday we have f-stop Ambassador Jon Glassberg talking about "Tips and tricks for Climbing photography while staying home". Tune in at 7 pm GMT+1 or 12 pm MST.


f-stop Legacy campaign

Being in the market for more than a decade, we decided to take a moment and look back at the memories created together. Over the next couple of weeks, we’d like to share our storied adventures, and to start, find our oldest f-stop gear still in use.

To help us do that, we'd like you to share a photo with your oldest f-stop piece including the year it was received, and post it on your social media channel using the following hashtags: #packflashback; #fstopgear; #fstopcommunity

As part of our f-stop legacy campaign, we'll be selecting and crediting the best submissions to be included in our coming “f-stop history” webpage.



"We Are f-stop" is a for all f-stop users to share their stories from the field, whether small daily adventure or epic travels. Get in touch with your story on Facebook or drop us an email to [email protected] and let us know on where your photography takes you and your pack! 

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