FIT GUIDE: Choosing the right ICU and pack for you

Engineered to be an entire transport system for serious photographers, f-stop packs are designed around a modular system of Internal Camera Units (ICUs) offering an endless variety of compatible carrying solutions – but sometimes so much modularity can be confusing. What’s the best combination for me? Where to start?

Whatever your creative adventure or travel goal, there’s an f-stop pack to help you get there with your camera gear protected and ready to shoot.

The f-stop fit guide is here to answer your questions, and get you ready for capturing your next adventure:

The starting point: How much camera gear?

When we design camera bags, we start with the camera gear – and it’s the same when you are choosing your ICU and pack set up. Start with the size and number of camera bodies you are using, add how many lenses, and you will have a good idea of what ICU to use.    

Are you shooting amazing content with a video rig like the RED Epic? In that case you probably already know about or Master Cine ICU and Shinn pack. For the rest of us using pro body DSLRs, non-gripped DSLRs, mirrorless cameras and all kinds of accessories besides, there are many choices with set ups to match your gear and the environments you will be travel through.

Insider tip: Do you always want to carry your entire set up in one ICU? Or sometimes go lighter in a smaller ICU? Mutliple ICUs can be combined, stacked or ‘hatch-backed’ on top - check the full story in those combinations here. Take advantage of the modular nature of the ICU system to switch up your camera-gear capacity and free up space for the essentials for your journey.


Do you rely on the strength and features of a full pro body DSLR, or use gripped DSPR? The extra depth of the Pro Series ICUs is for you.

Do you always carry all your camera gear? In that case, consider a single ICU big enough for your entire kit. For example, for a two-pro-body camera kit with multiple lenses, look at the Pro Large ICU or Pro XL ICU. One body? The Medium Slope ICU is here to save you valuable extra space in the pack for non-camera gear.


For pro body users, gripped non-pro body users, and people needed deeper carry space, compare the loaded configurations of the Large Pro ICU and XL Pro ICU



For a non-gripped DSLRs, such as Canon 5d or Nikon d850, the Shallow series is for you. A popular and highly functional solution is the Shallow Medium ICU and Shallow Small ICU combination.

The Shallow Medium ICU is engineered around a non-gripped DSLR with mounted 70-200 lens, with additional lenses or speedlights. The Shallow Small ICU is perfect for those days when you only need a wide zoom, and a couple of smaller primes. Combine them both together, stacked in packs from the Tilopa upwards for extensive gear carry times.

Insider tip: Don’t be distracted by the “Pro” name of the Pro ICUs! This refers to the depth being build around a full pro body, or DSLR with battery grip attached. Many “pro” users make use of lighter and more compact set ups these days, so buy the ICUs that fit your gear – such as the Shallow or Micro series.


Leaving the mirror at home? Go light and fast with the Micro series ICUs. The Micro Tiny is sized to fot most mirrorless set ups, with a precise fit to avoid gear moving in the ICU. The Micro Nano ICU takes compact even further, with

Insider tip: For Mirroless set ups with larger pro level long zooms that are close to DSLR lens sizes, the Medium Shallow is a great option.


Click through the images to see how the f-stop's ICUs fit with each of the Mountain Series packs:

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Are you going to a studio location filled to the brim with camera kit, or embarking on an epic adventure with travel or outdoor gear?

Balancing the need to carry camera gear and non-camera gear is where the modular ICU system shines. Having selected the ICUs that best organize and protect your camera gear, take a look at our ICU fitting diagrams to see how much space remains in the pack:

Setting out on an overnight mission or extended travels? Look to the larger packs, such as the 70-liter Sukha. Going fast and light on day trips? Try the Ultralight (UL) range. Whatever your creative adventure or travel goal, there’s an f-stop pack to help you get there with your camera gear protected and ready to shoot.


We want to make sure you have the best carry set up, both for your gear and for the enviornments you travel through. Got a question? Get in touch with Live Chat below or contact us


See how compatible ICUs fit in the Guru UL, Kashmir UL and Loka UL:

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The right gear to protect and carry your gear is just start of your adventures. See what our Icons and Ambassadors create with their gear on our STORY page, and show us your adventures - whether a local neighborhood shoot or an epic expedition - in our 'We Are f-stop' series. 
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