Gear Corner Story || Packing the 80L f-stop shinn with jongmo seo

f-stop Ambassador Jongmo Seo is a photographer who’s specialty is shooting the views from skyscrapers in Seoul with time-lapse skills. Moreover, he loves adventures outside of the city like backpacking and winter sports.




I am using the Dyota 20, Ajna and Shinn. Most of the time I am using the Shinn for shooting time-lapses which is my most favorite backpack since I need lots of gear for time-lapse videos. This time I’m going to talk about f-stop Shinn.


The Shinn is designed with Master Cine ICU and specifically designed to haul big camera setups. The combination of the pack with the Master Cine ICU gives the ultimate supersized camera bag for serious shooters hauling large video rigs and super-telephoto setups.

Beside the Master Cine ICU, I own different sizes of ICUs and use them according to the gear that I need for the shootings. Also, I customize the internal dividers inside the ICU depending on the gear I carry.

Here is the gear that I mostly carry inside the Shinn with Master Cine ICU:


  •  Sony A7r4 and two Sony A7r3


  • Laowa12mm, FE16-35GM, SIGAM ART 24-70mm, FE35mm, FE55mm, FE70-200GM, SEL200-600 G, 


On top of the ICU, I carry accessories to stay organized.

  • Large Accessory Pouch- Three Lens support systems
  • Medium Accessory Pouch -Batteries, Memory cards, Remotes, Filters, electronic horizontal meter.
  • Packing cell kit – Down jacket and compressible clothes

Three tripods attached to the pack GITZO 3542L, 3542XLS, 5563GS

The rest of the places inside the pack, I put some foods or clothes for hiking or shooting.


In addition to Master Cine ICU, I also carry Large Pro ICU separately. ICUs are good in the packs but on top of that, ICUs are also good as themselves. I pack some camping stuff in the Large Pro ICU and put it in the car separately.

Compared to my previous packs it keeps me more organized and bigger space for gear, also different sizes of ICUs and the system of ICU itself helps me to customize the packing space as I need. Shinn is the backpack that you’re looking for those people who have lots of gear for big projects.


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