packing jigsaw: STORYTELLING with nicolai brix AND HIS DALSTON

f-stop Ambassador Nicolai Brix is a storyteller who works on stories of all sizes, from global projects to the local scale. His gear has to adapt to these situations too. His gear has to adapt accordingly, from a fully loaded 80L Shinn pack of cinematography tools, to the compact Urban Series Dalston pack he is unpacking for us here. Nicolai takes through what makes up a minimalist kit for him, what he was shooting with it, and gives a sneak peak of a new EOS R lens too...


When do you reach for the Dalston?

The Dalston is my everyday pack. As a filmmaker and photojournalist, you have a lot of time where you either is in prep for a new production or is doing postproduction. I Always have my camera with me and never know when there is a great picture or a good story. So I need a backpack that is small but still can have all the daily gear that I need to work.




What are your essential items for a minimal camera kit and accessories?

I either work really lightweight or with big gear. My daily kit needs to be very flexible. I need to be able to shoot a still reportage or portraits and some video. My camera is the new mirrorless Canon EOS R. I have the RF 50mm f/1.2L USM lens for portraits and using the new RF 28-70 f/2L for reportage. I also carry the small and light RF 35mm f/1.8 Macro. 



How about non-camera gear?

For editing and boring office work On the go, I use my MacBook Pro and some external Hard drives from G-Technology. The G-Mobil Pro SSD is a small beast that is so crazy fast and I use it for my video editing. One small essential thing is a little mircophone from sennheiser called memory mic. I use it for mobile video if I create content for my social media platforms. A thing you can't see in the photo that I almost always have is a small box with licorice.... I always use the excuse that I need some sweets to keep the energy up when I do my office work! ;)




Where were you and what were you shooting that day?

I had a very packed day. I'm working on a project about an iron foundry that has been producing cast iron since 1856 in my hometown Odense in Denmark. I am shooting both still images and a short documentary. I have a deal with them that they call me if something special is happening. After shooting there I was on my way to a meeting with an upcoming documentary filmmaker that I'm coaching and had meeting with about a project she is shooting about women's rights to choose how to give birth in Brazil... then back to office work. Here are some of the images from that day:


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