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Packing Pieces: Drones and ICUs - The mICRO TINY

Drones are increasingly becoming indispensable pieces of kit, not just for the 'video guys' but for all kinds of photographers and visual creatives. As technology brings ever-smaller drones, they have become an essential part of the toolkit for mobile story tellers. Here we take a look a how f-stop Staff Pro Marc Gasch makes use of the Micro Tiny ICU to add a compact drone set up to his workflow even when he's on the bike: 


Marc, can you tell us a bit about how you use the Micro Tiny ICU with a compact drone set up?

I’m using the drone mainly for the XPDTN3 gravel bikepacking stories we are shooting with 3T Cycling and all the other partners  (check all the trips at 

I sometimes carry everything in a Lotus to the destination, and once in the “base camp" hotel, I switched to a smaller kit in the GURU UL for those 3 next  days on the bike. Lightweight is key here, some days means 8-10 hours on the bike, so the less weight the better.

Those are 3 days gravel bikepacking trips, self-supported and self-documented, where we carry all the gear and photo equipment on my backpack and the bike packs. I’m currently using the GURU UL to carry 2 bodies and a couple of lenses and accesories, and adding the drone for some of those trips, like this 300km gravel challenge through Italy:


Always keeping the focus on light weight, Marc also takes advantage of being able to drop the Micro Tiny ICU into the top of his f-stop Lotus pack to add the drone to his action and commercial work in cycling. One of the products of this lightweight versatility is this video for the launch of a new road aero bike, travelling ten days around Europe following the most iconic cycling routes on the continent:

Marc put the Guru UL through its paces, no matter the weather...

...and reaps the rewards when the sun comes out:



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