Wildlife photo challenge with nicolas rakotopare


Welcome to the our new Photo Challenge! 

For our sixt Photo Challenge, we have teamed up with f-stop Nicolas Rakotopare to challenge you to show us your best wildlife photo. 

Nicolas Rakotopare aka Lerako is a wildlife, science communication and travel photographer and filmmaker with a background in Ecology and Conservation Biology. He is using his photograph to document research and wildlife to re-connect people with nature. After spending most of his life in Madagascar and Australia (where he is based) he recently finished a long journey travelling to a range of countries to document wildlife and take part in research projects. He creates content for NGO’s, magazines, research institutions, adventure and ecotourism companies as well as natural history media to raise awareness on conservation.

Scroll down for more information about how to enter the Photo Challenge.


Words and photos by Nicolas Rakotopare


1. Freeze the action

Make sure you have a fast shutter speed when photographing fast-moving wildlife.


2. Think wide and include the environment


It’s easy to get caught up in wanting up-close shots of wildlife all the time but having a wider frame can bring a different story to your shots.

3. Get low!


Being eye level with your wild subjects is often a good idea. Not only will you get a more intimate feeling in your images, you will be able to blur the background more.

4. mix tip#3 and #4!


Getting low and using a wider frame at the same time can create very interesting angles! Some of my favourite wildlife images are low, wide angle shots.


bonus tip!

If you read this, don’t listen to your friends if they say not to get yourself a ghillie suit. It’s my favourite piece of clothing and it works for formal dinners and job interviews too.


And remember, these are tips and advice, not set rules so feel free to be creative and experiment as well! I am looking forward to seeing all the images you submit via the hashtag and choosing the winners!


To enter the photo challenge, post your best wildlife photo using the following hashtags:

#fstopgear #fstopcommunity #fstopphotochallenge #fstopwildlife