Angela Percival

Professional Photographer

Hometown: CANADA

Adventure and justice are the two threads that make up Angela Percival’s creative DNA. Evident in her photography is a deep love for wild places and a genuine concern for people.

Relentlessly curious, with stamina to match, she doesn’t shrink from storms or suffering: in fact, that’s what pulls her closer. She’s drawn to where the drama is – in light, landscapes, or the human quest to sidle up to the insurmountable and tap the joy that can be ridden there. National Geographic called her one of the planet’s top nine female Adventure Photographers who are pushing the limits.

As the Senior Outdoor Photographer for global brand Arc’teryx for over a decade, spearheading logistically mindbending expeditions in remote locations, Ange has been documenting rad humans having adventures in landscapes that dwarf them since 2009. She operates in two modes: full throttle, and off… in either mode, no matter what longitude, altitude or temperature she’s in, she’s going to get her shot, relish the adventure, and let her heart open wide.


This is my daily driver. I use this almost everywhere and anywhere. I use it for backcountry ski shoots or shoots in the city. It’s durability and waterproofness is second to none. I use it for sandy shoots in the desert, in -40 and in pouring rain in Costal Canada. No matter where I go or what activity I am doing it fits everything I need to take. Including ice axes, harness and climbing hear. AND even a puffy layer. Being Australian shooting in frigid temps more often than not after my camera gear warmth and rain gear is my top priority.

I love this pack as it is the right size for the amount of gear I want to take to be efficient in the mountains. The bigger my pack is the more I seem to want to fill it, so the Lotus keeps me tight on what I want to take but still fitting everything I need.

We have been everywhere together.

Kashmir UL

The Kashmir is great for a trimmed down kit. I usually take this if I need to drop weight in my set-up, or I am just out on a more mellow day trip type shoot and also am confident that it wont be raining every minute of the trip.


This is the city slinger and I love that it’s a small alternative to the big work horse packs that I associate with the big work days. I got this just before I left on a trip to raft the Grand Canyon and although it isn’t the intended use for this sling it was so stoked to be out there taking in all of the visuals. I could load my kit from the dry bags into this bag for the hiking side trips into the desert.

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I use this pack for anything Urban related. I actually get excited to carry this pack as usually it means I am carrying less camera gear. I have even tried it out when I need to mountain bike into location and it was raining just because I wanted something smaller.


I use these if I need to carry an extra lens loose in my bag. Or accessories.


I use this for climbing shoots and LOVE that it can fit a large body and large lens.

Lens Barrel Medium

The lens barrels are great when I need extra lens options on a climbing shoot. I use them paired with the Navin.

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