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brendon o'hagan

Genre: Photographer

Hometown: new zealand

About Brendon

Brendon is one of New Zealand’s most experienced and reliable print photographers. With over 30 years experience, he has worked for some of the biggest media players on the globe. He has shot everything from All Blacks to super-yachts to street cricket in the slums of India.

He cut his teeth for three years working as a staff photographer for The New Zealand Herald before developing his craft further in Europe. On his return to New Zealand, he built a successful freelance business, working regularly for the Bloomberg , Kiwirail TVNZ and the NZ Government Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Brendon is known as a creative and versatile performer who always comes through with the goods. In short, he works bloody hard but enjoys every minute!

He also has the incredible knack of knowing every cafe in town so can recommend a goodie should you need to leave the office to talk ‘shop.





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