Deb clark

Genre: Photographer

Hometown: new zealand

About Deb

I’m a landscape, seascape and tourism photographer from New Zealand.  A relative newcomer to the photography scene my photography journey started less than two years ago. 

Before I started taking photos I was looking but I didn’t really see.   How incredible nature is to give us beautiful shades and mysterious shadows, hazy light and glowing skies, clouds of every description and the clearest of stars.  How lucky are we!

Outside is where I’m happiest, capturing moments in time. From the first light of morning to the last light of the dying day and often well into the night.  

Inspiration is all around us. Nature provides the most spectacular scenery and I believe locking it into an image for all time is an absolute privilege.

I’m at one with the beach but when the mountains are calling, as they so often do, I start heading South.   I’m chasing he right light, looking for the right angle, hoping for moving cloud or a surprise ........there is nothing quite like that feeling of when it all comes together.

I often add a human element to my images when I believe it’s necessary, to tell the story, explain scale and for color.

My favorite times to shoot are in the near dark of pre-dawn and twilight.  There is something extra special and mysterious about the light at these times.

I particularly enjoy the challenge of long exposures and these are the majority of my images. From a few seconds to a few minutes, I love the drama filters can give to an image.

I’m always learning and looking at ways to extend my skills.  I push the boundaries of accepted techniques, looking for the X factor.  That something extra that takes an image from average to exceptional.

I’m a featured photographer with Nikon NZ and I’m an ambassador and seller for Nisi Filters Australia.  I’m supported in my photography travels by NZ Rentacars and Photogear.

I’ve had many published features in photography magazines and my work is promoted in the New Zealand tourist industry.




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