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Paul John Bayfield


HOMETOWN: United Kingdom

Paul John Bayfield is a photographer and filmmaker who is from a long line of British gamekeepers. Growing up in the outdoors of rural England, he swapped guns for cameras and developed a keen interest in wildlife and conservation. After spending a decade in the film industry he decided to form a career as a stills photographer.
His early career was spent photographing for London Fashion Week, Harley Davidson, Victoria’s Secret and various other commercial brands but his love of the natural world took him back to his roots towards natural history photography.  

In his fifth professional year, PJB travelled to Sri Lanka as chief videographer to document expeditions in to un-mapped cave systems, elephant rehabilitation and the filming of a new species of frog found in a secret location deep in the high wetland rainforests. 
He has contributed to projects with Nat Geo Wild in the deserts of New Mexico and National Geographic Society projects in Bhutan. Sometimes he is recognised from YouTube videos with DigitalRev TV and Kai Man Wong. 
Often he is mistaken for Alan from The Hangover. 

He tries best to honestly capture and document moments from wherever his assignments take him and uses social platforms in the effort to spread the message of conservation. 
When not in the field, PJB teaches stills photography seminars in Britain and abroad. His work can be found in books and magazines and on the walls of galleries and homes. He enjoys loud punk rock and bacon.



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