Takahiro Yamamoto

山本 高裕

Genre: Photographer

Hometown: Tokyo, japan

About Takahiro

I was born in Tokyo, Japan. As soon as I put my hands on my farther’s Pentax SLR camera, I was fascinated by it. After I taught at public schools as an English teacher for nine years, I started to work as an editor at a publishing company in Tokyo. I work at the office during the daytime, and walk, drive, or sometimes cycle around Tokyo and take photos of the cityscapes in the evening and on weekends. A guest photographer writer at Fuel Your Photography in 2012. Staff Pro Member of f-Stop Gear. An Ambassador of PHOTOMENTARY by Nikon (2014, 2015).
Tokyo has so many faces. Most familiar ones are in every guidebook. What I want to find and capture are its hidden faces, which no one else has ever seen.





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