This week's 'We Are f-stop' story comes from Eric Schirtzinger of Madison, Wisconsin-based production company Bascom Brothers. Eric is a visual storyteller, musician, and computer engineer with a fascination for all things creative. Travel has always been at the center of his passion for video production, capturing memories of the worlds wonders as they continue to inspire him. Journey with Eric and his trusty Tilopa through the Thailand, as they spend 25 days capturing the range of experiences, culture and natural beauty they meet on their travels.

Words and photos by Eric Schirtzinger


We spent 25 days in Thailand, landing first in Bangkok, where we explored the temples, the city, and were introduced to the Thai culture. We then traveled down to Phuket where we spent our first night all together, in an excessively nice Airbnb. Next, we spent 3 nights in Koh Sok national park, it was here that we had time to relax and reflect on our experiences, talk with the locals, and explore the natural beauty. Following Koh Sok, we spent a night in a hostel in Krabi, then went down to the paradise island of Koh Lanta Yai, kayaking, and mopeding, dodging potholes and cows on the road. Finally we went to Ao Nang, where we spent our days exploring Railay beach, rock climbing it's caves and coastal cliffs. 

We made 3 short form edits while on the road, I was able to edit in hostels and airbnbs. On the raod, my Tilopa held my laptop, all my hard drives, and camera gear:




Bangkok (1st stop on the trip). Exploring Buddhist temples, experiencing the night life, the bustle of the city. 


Phuket (2nd stop). We left Bangkok and headed to the island of Phuket where we finally met all our friends, staying in this over-the-top airbnb. Monkeys were climbing all over the packs and we had to protect our gear while at "Big Buddha" temple. 


Koh Sok (3rd stop, final short edit). A stark contrast to the high end nature of our previous airbnb, we were afloat makeshift cabins on one of the most beautiful lakes we had ever seen. Our tour guides introduced us to Thai culture and we were finally able to experience the nature and culture of Thailand. Storms came through and we got drenched, but it didn't matter, it was paradise. 

About Eric and Bascom Brothers 

Bascom Brothers is a Madison Wisconsin based production company, while technically it's only Jacob Holiday and Eric Schirtzinger, they run on a "collective" model where they work very closely with other artists. They have three core artists, Joe Altwies (Photographer @hottcupofjoe), Samuel Li (Photographer/cinematographer @samuelli), and Benjamin Foster (Photographer/storyteller @coldwaterpeople). They have licensed footage and created videos for companies such as Huawei, BIG10 Network, USA today Wisconsin, and Seeker. While most of their videos are corporate or commercial, they try to maintain a freelance culture and enable their employees to work on passion projects. In this beginning stage of their company, they are trying to create the work we want to make, paid or not, so that our brand becomes known for the kind of work they enjoy, the last thing they want is to be stuck making corporate videos forever. 

For more of Bascom Brother's work, check their website, Instagram profile, and Facebook page.

Eric Schirtzinger has been creating his whole life; when he was 10 he read program manuals for Macromedia Flash and did 3D modeling in Blender. He is currently studying computer engineering and computer science at University of Wisconsin Madison. He has always ridden the line between "technical" and "artistic" and feels the "left brained" and "right brained" aspects of his personality balance each other out. Travel has always been at the center of his passion for video production, while it's still purely independently funded, capturing memories and some of the worlds wonders continues to inspire him. When he is not traveling, he is filming commercials and promotional content for companies.

See more of Eric's work on his web site, and Instagram profile.




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