We Are f-stop: Visual Journals with sam sapp

f-stop customer Sam Sapp is a photographer and Firefighter & EMT based in Southwest Virginia, USA. In this 'We Are f-stop' Sam got in touch with us to share his passion for photography, whether travelling in Italy or Scotland, or close to home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Appalachian range with his Guru UL. He also shares a great tip about using his ICU as a hand carry item when travelling with a fully packed bag...

Words and photos by Sam Sapp


I love taking pictures of life, anywhere from travel to candid family photos in the backyard. For me, photography is a form of storytelling that has the ability to show a person’s life not just in terms of still images, but also in terms of emotions. My all-time favorite photos are candid family shots. I love being able to preserve these very special moments and see the joy on the families faces when I freeze time while simultaneously providing memories that they can cherish for a lifetime.



I have been to Scotland, Poland, Italy, and Ireland to name a few and never travel without my Satori EXP camera bag. Packing light for international flights is key.  The bag fits in the overhead compartment and I even has room for my clothes. When packed to the max I can always take out my ICU and put it under the seat.  The removable ICU makes inspection stations at airports a breeze.

Whether it’s being up at dawn and hiking Isle of the Skye to capture the perfect sunset, navigating the winding canals of Venice, enjoying one of the many Piazzas, walking the city streets of Krakow and Dublin, or being 443ft underground in the Wieliczka Salt Mine, I always have the Guru UL bag.  The Guru is also my everyday bag that I use during events and photo shoots. I grab this bag and I am off with little to no time to prepare I have everything I need in this lightweight bag including a jacket and a snack.



Photographs have become my visual journal, snapping pictures of the world freezes memories and creates art for others to enjoy and living in the Blue Ridge Mountains makes it easy to capture beauty right here at home.



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