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Katie M. ZaHarkin - a lucky escape testimonial

Here at f-stop we are always happy to hear stories from our users, whether they are customers or Staff Pro team members. "We Are f-stop" is a new series of stories from all kinds of f-stop users, covering the ups and downs of life in the field. We are kicking off with this testimonial from customer Katie M. Zaharkin of Nature's Lenz Photography who got in touch with her story of what must be close to every photographer's worst nightmare - involving a car and a camera bag. This story had a happy ending though, so Katie was able to keep on shooting the images below. We'll hand over to Katie from here:

All photos copyright Katie M. Zaharkin / Natures Lenz Photography

Luckily this was the only casualty!


"I am not one for writing reviews. I’d rather focus on posting photos or better yet, going out and taking photos. But every once and awhile I come across something I really like and I just have to share it. 

A few weeks ago my husband and I took a trip to the Adirondack Mountains High Peaks Wilderness area here in New York for the purpose of photographing fall scenes and to do a little hiking. We had pulled over on the side of the road at a trail head, put our gear on and started out. A few hundred yards into the hike we realized we may not have started at the right trail head. We went back to the car and I took off my camera pack and leaned it up against the side of the car while we looked at the cars GPS for another trail head location.

After 10 min of studying maps we pulled the doors shut and decided to take off down the road. Upon backing out of the trail head parking lot we felt a thump. My heart instantly sank as I realized I had forgotten about my camera bag and my husband had just ran it over with his SUV! I didn't even want to look. It was loaded with about $2000 worth of camera gear!

Once I mustered up the guts to look inside I slowly pulled out lens by lens and realized that out of everything in the bag, only one lens had been broken. That's ONE lens. One lens out of 2 cameras and 5 other lenses. Oddly enough, it was the lens that was packed right smack in the middle of my camera bag. I still feel like a complete idiot for forgetting my my bag and allowing this all to happen. But sh*t happens and I owe it all to my camera bag for protecting my gear in even the most unsuspecting situations!

After a few weeks of trying out different camera bags from all different companies, I finally decided to settle with an F-Stop Lotus. The bag was more than I wanted to spend initially, but now that this has happened, it was worth every penny and I am so glad I went for it!

Below are pics I was able to take a few hours later with the same camera that was in the bag when it was run over along with a pic of a smashed lens that just goes to show you should never run over your camera bag!"


Katie M. Zaharkin out and about with her f-stop Lotus pack - and still doing so luckily with most of gear intact! 

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