We Are f-stop: Derek Jerrell - WILDERNESS WEATHER 

It's something that every photographer who makes the great outdoors their studio can relate to - when the weather doesn't play along with your best laid plans for a shoot. Do you pack up and head for home, putting it on the list for next time, or try and make the best of it?

This was the situation f-stop user, Derek Jereell, found himself in when on a recent trip to Montana and Wyoming with his trusty Satori EXP. Based just outside of St. Louis, Missouri; Derek is a self-taught photographer with a deep passion for the great outdoors. This passion to explore and show the beauty of the natural environment has produced some stunning shots, but nature doesn't give up the good so easily every time, and sometimes you have to accept defeat. The following two images that Derek sent through to us show that everyday reality, capturing the feeling of 'the awesome shot that got away':


  "I spent about a week shooting wildlife in and around the Grand Tetons, dog sledding in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness and shooting landscapes along the way. I spotted this location on a hike earlier in the week and made my way back to catch the sunset. The sunset was a bust and the clouds were socked in on the mountains and moving in fast, so I had to scramble to try and salvage something and get a few shots off."  


The wilderness weather hadn't co-operated with Derek's vision for the shot this time. We wanted to see the fruits of Derek's hard work when everything did go to plan, so here are some of Derek's shots from the field in Maine, Utah, Colorado, and beyond when all the elements came together. How many of these locations do you recognize? 

About Derek Jerrell:

Derek Jerrell is an award-winning freelance photographer specializing in landscape, wildlife and outdoor adventure photography. His images have been featured in popular outdoor publications such as Outdoor Life and Field and Stream and used by popular outdoor brands including Winchester, Browning, Bass Pro and Cabela’s.

You can follow more of his adventures on Derek's Instagram here

Give him a follow @derekjerrell for more inspiring shots from America's great outdoors when the weather is good... and when it's not! 




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