We Are f-stop: Exploring the beautiful state of Arizona with Nelson Perez

Customer Nelson Perez from South Florida got in touch to let us know how he uses his Ajna. Nelson graduated school as a graphic designer, then realized that he had a growing passion for photography. Working in the airline industry as a ground ops agent opened up the opportunity for discouted travel benefits. Since then, he's been bitten by the travel bug, always with his camera ready to capture each new journey, like this exploration of Arizona:


Words and photos by Nelson Perez


For the last three years, I have journeyed religiously with my wife, Erika, Capturing breathtaking photos nature has to offer. Like any other photographer, I’ve used a variety of camera bags in the past. Recently, I’ve searching for a bag that is both comfortable & spacious enough to hold all my equipment.

Last December my wife surprised with just that, The f-stop Ajna, Is a unique bag, Very different from my other ones. I didn’t know anything about the ICU compartment, Or about f-stop in general, Therefore I was very skeptical at first. After familiarizing myself with the bag, I realized that I can now travel comfortably & often with all my gear.


In January, my wife & I went to Arizona - I’m sorry - the beautiful state of Arizona. We explored Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend & Sedona. We survived the early mist & the cold, the dust & humidity of the canyons. I was blown away by the Ajna bag, All the gear it holds, The clever design & most importantly the protection & security.
I cannot be happier with my new bag & hope to continue exploring new & exciting places in the near future with this bag, Here are just a few of the many photos I’ve taken in Arizona.


You can find more of Nelson's work on his website, Facebook or Instagram channel. 


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