We Are f-stop: The faroe islands with mattia bicchi

A well crafted timelapse can capture the beauty of a location. f-stop customer, Mattia Bicchi is a professional timelapse and hyperlapse photographer and filmmaker from Italy. He has been living in London for the past seven years, creating timelapse pieces for film productions big and small, for clients inlcuding the BBC, Ford, Virgin Atlantic, and Mulberry. This summer he visited the Faroe Islands with his wife, and he got in touch to share these images and also some advice on what he used to shoot them.


Words and photos by Mattia Bicchi:


I recently decided to leave the UK and travel for a year with my wife, to make timelapse for stock (Getty Images) and to create short films of the places we are visiting. This summer we spend one week in the Faroe Islands, we did not know what to expect. Sure we had seen pictures and videos of the Faroe Islands before, but being there and experiencing the raw beauty of this unique country through our very own eyes was incredible.


In the Faroe islands we stayed in a beautiful Airbnb in the town of Saltangará and went around the island with a car we rented at the airport. 

We carried all our gear on a Black Loka and an Orange Lotus, which in my opinion are the most versatile and comfortable photography back bag in the market at the moment, they worked perfectly in this environment. Everyday we drove and hiked in different locations and each of one was just breathtaking. 


To make the 8K Timelapse I use a Sony A7rII and few Canon Lenses. I create the cinematic movement with the 3 axis 1.5m Dynamic Perception Stage One and R, which was hanging on a 200m cliff to get an amazing shoot of the iconic Lake Leitisvatn.  

Here’s the link to the final 8K TimeLapse of the Faroe Islands on my YouTube


You may find more of Mattia's work on his web site, Facebook and Instagram



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