WE ARE F-STOP: iceland with reklu fernandez

Reklu Fernandez is a nature photographer and f-stop user, he likes catching landscapes and wildlife moments. Photography is part of his life, reason why he spends his time taking pictures around the world. He is nowadays collaborating with f-stop Europe and wants to share his experience in Iceland with a f-stop backpack.



Words and images by Reklu Fernandez


I have dedicated myself to Photography for 14 years and, and for some time I have trained nature photographers through workshops, courses and phototours in South Spain. I have my own business, Wild Adventure Spain, not only to share my expertise about Photography with my pupils but also to raise awareness of photographers about the importance of nature photography to its dissemination and conservation. Apart from the training delivered, I am a member of the Montphoto team, one of the most important nature photography contests and conferences in Europe.

I have also leaded several publications about nature, one of them is the magazine “Objetivo Natural”, and I have founded the only worldwide website with web links for nature photographers Foto enlace natural”.


During my career as a photographer, I have spent a long time on wildlife photography, but I nowadays focus more on landscapes as I find the way different pictures can be taken, just by changing light and weather, thrilling, and it makes me feel good.

I have always lived in Andalusia, specifically in San José del Valle (Cádiz), very near the Strait of Gibraltar, a strategic location for nature photography because bird migration from Europe to Africa makes its sky and entertaining show, and the climate and hours of sun, the contrast between mountain, sea and countryside landscapes can be found in less than an hour on the way.


A great trip to a country where places full of contrasts could be found, has been in my mind for years… and I thought about Iceland, a well known spot for the different landscapes and environments, where it is possible to go from a glacier to a volcano in 5 minutes. The idea was to travel around the South of the country in 10 days.

Iceland is a must for any photographer, mainly for its landscapes, but also for the good conditions to take pictures with very good results day or night.

This trip was actually done in October 2018, I went together with a friend using a van,  this helped us move to the different locations and stay overnight anywhere to watch and photograph the Northen Lights, the most amazing experience I have lived as a photographer as we saw it 3 out of 10 days in a row.


This trip was very important for me, since never before had I visited a country with so different places from the ones I'm used to; a place where in any corner you can photograph glaciers, northern lights ... a few kilometers away.

For me it was a must, and I highly recommend everyone to visit Iceland, it will not leave you indifferent.


During this trip I used the Tilopa, which was very comfortable and allowed me to take different kit at the same time. I carried 2 full kits together with a small drone. It allowed me to improvise when selecting the right kit for the right moment, and prevented the snow and water to get inside the bag.


You can find Reklu's work on his website, Instagram and Facebook



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