We Are f-stop:  Colorado in fall with matt payne

f-stop customer, Matt Payne is a landscape photographer based in Durango, Colorado – his favorite photography subjects include mountains and the night sky. Matt is an avid mountaineer and backpacker, having climbed 92 of the highest 100 mountains in Colorado - this journey can be followed on Matt's mountaineering website. He enjoys capturing unique moments from Colorado’s most scenic and difficult-to-reach locations on his journeys into the mountain wilderness.

Matt is also the host and creator of the popular landscape photography podcast, “F-Stop Collaborate and Listen” - and this week we have a special giveaway happening with Matt on his podcast so be sure to tune in! The giveaway will be announced and run on the podcast Facebook group "F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast", so head over there to enter. Good luck! 

Words and photos by Matt Payne:


Here in Colorado, every autumn I embark on a quest to photograph the fall colors. It is one of my favorite subjects to photograph, with a nearly endless supply of compositions, locations, and approaches to seeing and capturing this amazing annual event. This past year, I decided to take on the challenge of photographing some locations that I had never seen images of before, which required me to load up my f-Stop Loka with my camera gear and hike up a narrow trail to a high mesa overlooking one of my favorite locations in Colorado.


The journey was arduous; however, the reward was well worth the journey, and made easier by my well-fitting pack! Much to my disappointment, I was greeted on top by a massive thunderstorm, so I was forced to climb halfway back down to the bottom. I noticed the clouds begin to dissipate and decided to go all the way back up to see if sunset would produce any magic. I hoofed it back up to the top, gaining an additional 1,200 ft. of elevation and got to my overlook just in time to witness one of the most amazing sunsets I've seen to date. The setting sun beamed a ray of light across the valley and onto Chimney Rock in the distance. It was incredible to witness and to shoot. 

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Matt's photography can be appreciated on his website and he can be followed on social media on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.  
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