We Are f-stop: Starry Skies IN NZ with deb clark

Our latest 'We Are f-stop' installment comes from landscape photographer Deb Clark from New Zealand. A relative newcomer to the photography scene her photography journey started less than three years ago. Her favorite time to shoot is in the near dark of pre-dawn while the stars are still out.

She believes there is something extra special and mysterious about the light at these times. She particularly enjoys the challenge of long exposures.  From a few seconds to a few minutes, Deb loves the drama filters can give to an image.

Take a moment to stop and loose yourself in these ethereal shots of the night skies in the South Island New Zealand, along with Deb's words on the experience of shooting in the dark.

All photos copyright Deb Clark / Deb Clark Photography 


The southern skies of New Zealand are some of the darkest in the world and the area around Mt Cook is one of my favourite places to shoot astro.  There’s something magical about being out in the open surrounded by snowy capped mountains when its pitch black and the depths of winter.

Dressed up like marshmallows, layer upon layer with winter jackets, beanies and gloves we move through the night, headlamps shining brightly and quietly we set up for the shoot.  Funny how people whisper in the dark. 

Its lights out now… almost everything is by feel.   



I’m prepared.  I’ve checked out the location before.  I know where I want to be, where the milky way will be, when the galactic core will be best and what I’m looking at and what I’m shooting. 

I use the f-stop Kashmir.  Its packed with military precision and I can find exactly what I’m needing without turning a light on. I’m patient and I will make the most of what is in front of me.  Although a clear sky is ideal I’m not bothered if there’s cloud.  It adds an interesting aspect to an image.

An hour later and we’re done.  There’s two ways it can go from here.  Do we stay and wait for sunrise? Absolutely if there are any clouds.  But if not, we will be happy with our nights work and a trail of headlights will be seen marching out of Mt Cook.



Thank you, Deb, for sharing your adventures with us! 

If these nighttime missions inspire you, give Deb a follow on Instagram here and check out her work at https://www.debclarkphotography.nz/ where you can also find details of her workshops in New Zealand.



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