We Are f-stop: Takahiro Nakanishi - Shinn ON A BIKE

Staff Pro Takahiro Nakanishi took his Shinn for ride in New Zealand. Access to stunning locations often takes a bit of extra effort. Heading up to the snow in New Zealand Taka transitioned from van-life mode to pedal power with a fully loaded Shinn.

When we saw these shots of his pack set up, we had to find out what was in there...


Hi Taka! Where were you going with your Shinn fully loaded like that on your bike?

Shooting in New Zealand, we started at a spot where there is public parking at the end of an access road which continues deeper up the valley.

Where were you going? 

On the bike, we headed up to a mountain hut for our first night. The way up is basically a tramping* path in the middle of a farm in a National Park. It's quite flat terrain so we thought its good to make the trip by bike.
(*In New Zealand: "tramping" = "hiking")

What was your goal?

We were hiking up to the glacier to ski its terrain with the beautiful landscape, and shoot photos of that to make a nice story for Japanese magazine.

What's in the bag?

For camera gear, just my Nikon body, 3 lenses, and extra batteries, no tripod.

We stayed at a mountain hut so we didn’t need to bring a tent or sleeping matt. You can see everything else that was in the bag here:


Was all of that in the bag?

Yes, all of those things are packed in of Shinn (apart from the ski and boots which you can see are strapped on the outside). Plus, not in that picture, I had another 1L bottle of water, some snacks, 4 packs of dried rice, bacon, egg, mushroom, leek, milk, butter for pasta. Also I had extra first layer and socks. I think that’s it… ! We didn’t have any tools to attach gear to the bike so it was all in the Shinn pack!

Thank you for the snapshot of your adventure Taka!

You can follow Takahiro Nakanshi's English blog here



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