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Gaetano started to take photos in 2010, but only after 2012 did photography become his main medium to explore nature; his great love. Always inspired by nature, and also by philosophy, he searches, step by step, for a way of coexistence of photos and words. A way to go beyond the empty appearance of aesthetics and find something deeper and more meaningful. Photography is the medium, not the goal. You have to find your story to tell, marvel at nature every day, and respect it.  


Words and images by Gaetano Pimazzoni


Nature photographer Gaetano Pimazzoni made the choice some years ago to work on his land, Lessinia, and seek out the beauty it hides inside hills and forests. So, between some travels, always with his camera, the love for his home is the spark that encourages him to work deeply on some personal projects about landscape and wildlife in Lessinia. The harsh conditions of winter, his favorite season, are the best environment in which to test the f-stop Shinn and Satori packs. They are made to protect the photographic and video equipment during the long treks and great hikes, no matter the weather._DSC6738_LR_sharpening.jpg

Lessinia is a small territory in northern Italy. Lessinia Regional Natural Park was established in 1990 and is where nature has raised its voice in the last few years. Known as the upland of silence, it is a land of nature, with its strong winds and the interactions of humans with a long story that starts before the age of the Romans. But an early turning point was the movement of people from Lessinia to the cities. That gave nature the opportunity for a new rebirth, first with the expansion of the forests and then with a growth in quantity of wildlife. Later, in 2012, with the greater one step of recent years, the return of the wolf.


In 2012, Lessinia had the first stable wolf pack in years in north eastern Italy, and from this pack in the following years we witnessed to a repopulation of a wide part of the north east. The presence of wolves is a thorny issue and I hope that people of Lessinia can find a solution for coexistence. Lessinia will surely be a case study for the return of the wolf and it would be wonderful if it will also be a great example of coexistence.

Far from the issue of wolves, Lessinia is an amazing land where nature shows its majesty. Creatures large and small hide in the silence is the true troubadour of their lives in the forest. A place for dreaming with open eyes.

You may find more of Gaetano Pimazzoni’s works on his website, Facebook and Instagram.




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