f-stop customer Anthony Gordon has been a documentary film maker for the past 25 years. On his travels he has filmed in over 52 countries, and being on the road as a storyteller can be very hard on your equipment. Anthony got in touch with us to let us know how the f-stop Shinn has helped his creative workflow around the world, giving him protection for multiple long haul flights from his base in Sydney, Australia, and giving him the flexibility to reduce the number of bags he takes on his travels.

Words and photos: Anthony Gordon



One of the major projects I am on currently is filming a four-part documentary series on BikingMan (www.bikingman.com) which is an unsupported ultra cycling series in Oman, Corsica, Peru & Taiwan. It means up to 2 weeks on the road in remote locations where every day we face the unknowns of weather, logistics, power, food and accomodation concerns.

What I do rely on is f-stop gear to ensure that my kit is safe, secure and waterproof over the 1,000's of miles of relentless dirt roads.  In virtually all the cases, an equipment failure could mean the end of the shoot - as there are no spares in the middle of the Peruvian Andes, for example! Having used virtually every brand on the market with limited success, the arrival of f-stop was a game changer.




I've just finished in the High Andes in Peru where we covered 2,550km's over 10 days and in excess of 35,000 meters of elevation. I produced 25 minutes of daily social and broadcast content, 100's of images, live feeds and drone content. f-stop allows me to carry multiple Canon Bodies & lenses in addition to all the batteries, cables, laptop's and HDD's together witht he smaller DJI Drones in the one pack. Sensational to say the least!

Being on the road for over 6 months a year is challenging enough without the worry of gear in transit and on location. f-stop has truly made a significant difference to the 1000's of hours of stories that I create every year to bring the wilderness into peoples lives.




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