WE ARE F-STOP: with Ashley Lee

Ashley graduated Chiropractic College and moved to a completely new city. To meet new people and to stay creative, she decided to pick up photography. It allowed her to see things a different way that others perhaps didn’t notice. She loves to shoot travel photography in both landscape and urban settings. Not too long after, she picked up her first drone and since then she has taken her photography to the next level.


Words and images by Ashley Lee


I took a trip to Mallorca, Spain in August 2019 to do some hiking, swimming and to see some amazing scenery. I have been wanting to go for years to see the Drach Caves and drive on some wickedly windy roads.

I didn’t bring a suitcase so I had to fit everything in my f-stop Dalston. I knew it was going to be a challenge because of all the extra gear I had to bring for the beach such as my snorkeling mask, sunscreen, hat and extra towels. I managed to fit everything in without breaking the bag which is always a relief. 


As a photographer, I’ve been using the f-stop Dalston as my go to camera bag for the past 6 months. I also use it as my weekend bag and travel bag. It protect everything I need it to hold but keeps it light so it does not strain my back. It weighs less than 1kg! Apart from the weight, the dual side access is really what captivated me to use the f-stop Dalston. I always travel with my camera so to ensure that I never miss a good capture, I need to have easy access to my camera. I also don’t need to dig my hand all the way to the bottom of the bag to get my snacks.


In the front compartment, I keep a usb plug, my Sony WF-1000x earphones and my passport. There are two small pockets within the front compartment. I keep my keys, wallet and iPhone cable in one pocket. In the other pocket, I store my DJI Mavic Air ND filters and power bank.


The magical top compartment is where I keep everything else. I store my clothes, my shoes, my toiletries, chargers, snacks and depending on where I’m going, my scuba mask as well. I love this compartment because it’s so expandable and I can adjust it according to my needs. In the dedicated back compartment, I’ll keep my Macbook Pro 13” and any important documents so it doesn’t wrinkle


Beach Holidays aren’t the only time I use my Dalston bag. I’m based in Oxfordshire, England but I spend most of my weekends in London doing street photography and playing badminton. Therefore, my Dalston needs to fit everything I need for that weekend especially the extra pair of shoes. It does this wonderfully with extra space remaining. 


You can find more of Ashley's work on her Instagram profile.



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